Running none winterized crude in short path

i was wondering what would be the out come of running none winterized crude oil in SPD?

Real hazey distillate with a lot of crap in it.

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Green fraction

Just call it the “hulk”.

Your resulting distillate will be full of waxes. This means the clarity and potency will be lower as well as the fact that when u mix it into final products the wax content may be problematic. I ran some waxy disty in tinctures once and the shelf life was significantly reduced

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Hi Rasta7, we are working with customers that have decided not to winterize there product as well s those who do. What others are saying here is true from what we see as well, your product will be “dirtier”, with waxes, lipids, particulate etc. We have a filtration set up that can remove these contaminants. Let us know if we can help. Thank you, 310-212-7777

Hey buddy that 100% is dependent on the solvent and methods used to extract the crude. I don’t mind running non winterized butane extraction because it doesn’t gunk/char up my boiling flask / peristaltic pump (wiped film). Using other solvents to extract could lead to charring sugars and all kinds of stuff that’s a pain to clean and will ruin your feed/discharge pumps and hoses (wiped film).

If you want to run non winterized bho crude I’d say go for it. If the goal product is intended for smoking/vaping, you will need to winterize your distillate.


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