Running male plants

If i run these male plants will the pollen from the flowers ruin the concentrate?

Ok so only male flowers are used
Or just a small % off the flowers are male ?
The amount of waxes Lipids and gunk You pull are the same as with female plants but the cannabinoids are far less
So your concentration of cannabinoids Will be lowered the more male plants are used to extract
Any seeds in your female flowers ?

looks like a hermaphrodite plant, males just usally stop at pollen sacs. The pollen won’t ruin your concentrate, just don’t go near any other grows for a while, that pollen is potent and can effect plants that are grown in that space for a while .


Males don’t make those beautiful trichs…thats shemale without doubt…

Don’t PEEK under that skirt…u might Be shocked!!!


my assumption was that he already knew this was a hermi plant, and already deemed this crop for concentrates, due to that fact. I think if you use Butane or cold ethanol to extract you wont come into any issues, i think you willl come into issues if you use warm/hot alcohol to extract it. Whatever you do, DO NOT grind or blend your material, opening/breaking those seeds will taint your concentrates with hemp seed oil.


Ended up doing a small test run came out a very nice color very clear and stable but the leaf terps were unreal lol return was also very very low gonna run it anway and see will update with some new and pics if anyone is interested …thank you for the advice tips and 2 cents! Much appreciated …pollen didnt seem to get into the extraction from what i can tell …what about bubble hash pollen wpuld post likely go through the filters or float to the top?