Rotovaps, vacuums, chillers, distillation and other equipment for sale

Item Model/Manufacturer:
Price/MSRP: $
Current location of item:
Estimated lead time: Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty:

I’ll post a full detailed list today and upload more photos.

Tons of stuff. Not desperate to sell but would like to sell it all to buy a new 50l rotovap. Willing to trade as well.

20l rotovap has a stripped bronze worm gear. It’s been removed and cleaned up. I have a quote from China for $70 plus shipping lead time of 10-20 days. Happy to pass over all the contact info.

I couldn’t wait and bought a new rotovap locally. Out with the old in with the new.

The 5 liter needs a new flask from across international. $110 from their website.

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That’s the nastiest mantle I’ve ever seen what do you want for it?

And what are you looking for on trades? More equipment or cannabinoids cool too?

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For sure that is the nastiest mantle, I’ll put some effort in today to clean all of the mantles up. I didn’t use any of these mantles I purchased them.

I have a huge mantle, I’ll get photos here in about 45 minutes.

All trades welcome. Flower, d8, thca isolate or something to make moonrocks

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I’m 100% down with trades. What state are you in?


Here is all the glass and items used for prototype mushroom extraction.


Willing to ship that 5L AI roto to colorado?

I’ll ship anything as long as you’re paying!

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im interested in the soxhlets and the sep funnel

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Lmk how I can help

Got any 1l digital stirr mantles that can go to 450c and if so what ya asking out of curiosity?

I don’t unfortunately. Sorry I can’t help there!

No stress friend. Cool stuff and good luck getting rid of it. =)

How much for the roto evap.

Which one??