Looking for ways to speed up my 20L rotovap. Any suggestions?


Preheated coil feeding the roto, about 5C over ur bath temp. Condensing coil between ur chiller and roto coils, surround the coils with dry ice if ur liquid can go below freezing. Use ice if your just using water. A 60% Propylene Glycol/40% distilled water mix lets u get down to -55C which should be sufficient


Adding an coil in dry ice to the chiller is my next move. Thanks bud.


Make sure u set it up as chiller -> coil -> roto. If set it up like that your chiller will work at maximum. If u set it up on the outake its just gonna make ur chiller think it doesnt have to work as hard.


^%q#ing union &^@ing chillers…


Yeah I’m gonna connect it from the outlet of the chiller through the coil into the roto. Correct?