Rotovap for shatter winterization

This may be a stupid question.
Can I use a rotovap to recover etoh after winterization when end goal is shatter?
I’ve only seen people use it for crude about to be distilled.


I’m gonna say yes. The purpose of the rotovap (when working with cannabis) is to distill the alcohol from your oils the best it can. Post Production usually determines the consistency (someone correct me if I’m wrong) If you can manage to flip the slab and get it to a stable structure in the vacuum oven and replicate the process then you can get shatter.


yeah, then finish it in the vac oven. :+1:

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Throw some mol seive in your solution to get the water out


What would be the other way to get the etoh out

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that water can be a bitch! I have witnessed the inside of a vac oven covered in condensate before from that.


Blow it to atmosphere

Like literally right in the etoh after it’s recovered?
How much per L

before the etoh is vaporated.

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Do you throw them in the Rotovape inside the extracted soln while the etoh is distilling? I have had success using water absorbents inside the ovens during the purge and cure.

no, I like to use them before any resin is in solution. you will have a mess of goo and mol sieves if you attempt to evaporate the solution with the sieves.
If you want to dry an extract solution I would take care to remove the beads and filter the solution to remove any fines before evaporation. The beads that were removed from the extract solution should be thoroughly rinsed to remove resin before thorough air drying and final regeneration of the mol seives. Drying the solvent before hand avoids having to clean your beads for reuse, they may be simply dried and regenerated.