Roto ball hard stuff inside

So I posted before about this. I have pics this time. When we rotovap distallite after we get this hard chunky stuff stuck on the sides of the ball. We filter it with .45 filters first. I dont think its fats becuase it super tough, it’s almost like dry gum.

To clean we have to heat gun the chunky stuff off, and scrub it off. It takes 3 hours.

What can we do to prevent this from happening?

Dunk bags in ethanol. Charcoal it and filter with 14 filters. Then we winterize for 2 days. Then filter with .45 filter, then rotovap.
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Are u doing warm ethanol extraction?

If so I can fix your problem… dm

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Why rotovap distillate?

Why charcoal, that’s just a color remediation powder.

I just got done with a 50lb boimass wash in cryo etoh. I had 1 helper. 3.25hrs start to finish. Now need to filter thru buchner, then rotovap.

I think :eyes: looking at your sop it a crude oil he means
Probably sugars


We dunk in cold ethanol in our freezer at 25c. We are working on getting it colder.

Dry ice

Cryo freezer

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We use charcoal to get rid of chlorophyll.

As gross as it sounds I just tasted it, it taste sweet

25 c is pretty hot

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Its sugar, either run with dry ice or dm me for warm extraction sop

Negative 25c my bad

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Heres a spoon

Since your washing warm
AC (activated charcoal) for color
AO (Alumnium oxide) to trap lipids and waxes
Celite 545 stops fines in the buchner funnel

Buchner filter setup
1st layer-celite 545
2nd is AO

Add AC to ethanol (room temp or warm), shake, then filter thru.

AC also absorbs thc, albeit minimally


Lol, shit… not sure

If you decarb your oil sugars will turn into char at a low temp like 100 c. That’s how you can verify

Can I get AO from like home depot?

And when using AO do I mix and filter it like the charcoal?

Yes aluminum oxide from the hardware store works not the powder but the grit
Rinse well before use with plain solvent ( same as crude is dissolved in )
Place it in your Büchner funnel not in solution

I use a horizontal press wine filter with four filters in it

I think its 180 or 200 grit AO

What ever happens. A job at the day care center is up your alley with al this spoon feeding :joy:


Panda spinner


When you say grit, you mean like sand paper?

Aluminum oxide is the grit on your sand paper
Loose grit is used for sand blasting

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