Rotary vane vacuum pump question(2-5L SPD)


So, I’m in the market for a rotary vane pump for my SPD set-up I’m putting together. Right now, I have most of a 2L set-up and I’m putting together a 5L, as well.

I was recommended the Welch 1400. It’s displacement is .9cfm

While shopping for it, I discovered a Welch 1402, with a displacement of 5.6 cfm, same Torr rating.

Is the 1402 too big or too much displacement for my application(2L or 5L)?


thats still a bit small for a 5l. i would think a 2021i would be borderline for a 5L and thats 14cfm


Just got my 2021i in the mail today. Holy cow that’s a heavy pump! 67lbs. Can’t wait to put it to work.

Should be a couple left on eBay for ~$320 @asher, check it out.


those 2021 are wildly popular these days…super cheap…reliable…easy to bring back to spec!

Big enough for what most of us need and on a budget!


I had a consult with Future and for some reason he didn’t recommend the Adixen 2021i…I even asked about it specifically…but if you guys are having good results with it, then the price can’t be beat… doesn’t look like it can anyways.


Don’t they retail for over $4k? I didn’t buy mine from you off eBay did I :rofl:


i dont sell them…i just have bought 3x off ebay myself…


Can I ask what size system you’re using it on?


Mines 500ml but I see vacuum dynamics referring them for anything smaller than a 5l.


1&2L here.


They are cheap as balls and a major rebuild is 300 bucks lol can’t be beat for the price


can you post a link for the low price retailer of the 2021i?


Just checkout ebay, grab a used one and if it doesn’t get down below 10 micron pickup a rebuild kit online they’re not bad to rebuild. Or buy one pretested for a little more on ebay


Here is one that is tested to 8 micron…well within spec


Have you heard anything bad about the pumps branded by Pascal ?: