Rotary Evaporators and Short Path Distillation

We currently have Rotary Evaporators and Short Path Distillation in US warehouses and European warehouses;
Spot: D-SPD-20L (ZNCL) short path distillation, R-1020 rotary evaporator and R-1010 rotary evaporator

D-SPD-20L (ZNCL) short path distillation

rotary evaporator

Supporting equipment in stock: low temperature coolant circulating pump, high temperature circulating oil bath, circulating water vacuum pump, high and low temperature integrated machine;

You can choose home delivery or pick up by yourself, we will provide you with very good after-sales service

That’s not a 20L pictured :face_with_monocle:

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what is all this? lol




those are some weird ass liters, I think their ph is off


Haha its like when you watch a show or a movie and you see a lab setup with different dyes in each beaker.
I think i saw a triclamp sight glass used as a prop in westworld


explosion proof rotary evaporator

explosion proof rotary evaporator

I don’t believe that is explosion proof.


You can choose matching explosion-proof settings to make the motor of the rotary steamer run safer.

That’s not how that works my man

Equipped with explosion-proof motor

Provide evidence, please.

????What evidence?

I would like you to please exhibit proof that your advertised equipment is explosion proof.


None of this is explosion proof. Motor or controllers

Sir, our motors and controllers are explosion-proof, with CE certification, you can search for EX explosion-proof motors

Your motors are not explosion proof.
Your liquid tight connections aren’t, they are poorly crimped rubber hose to a converted end connector. None of those connections are sealed or safe for any solvents in the essence of being liquid tight. They are not.

The motor may look or be built similar to explosion proof but it is not. It’s a very cheap copy if you were to consider that. The problem is you do not know or understand the requirements of what requires explosion proof or say c1d1 or c1d2 specifications.

The biggest give away for not being explosion proof is the type of enclosure, electronics, and motor with connections present. This is the “typical explosion proof” sales package when in fact it wouldn’t pass or be allowed.

Ce is also not explosion proof. You don’t even know the certification required for a motor to be explosion proof because you spit out fake ce nonsense.

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