Rosin to distillate consistency?

Hello! So I was curious about making rosin cartridges using dry sift. I know this topic had already been made more or less, but I wanted to discuss the tech a little bit more.

Some people have suggested using the jar method, which while nice, there really isn’t too much information on that.

Is a vacuum oven from Value Vac for small runs worth it? I wanted to more or less take the rosin and turn it into the distillate consistency at the end of the day. I believe this is the ultimate cartridge in potency and flavor. Either way, than you for your time.

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What on earth is the vac oven for?

You have no solvent you want to remove, nor do you want to remove your terpenes…

Decarbing, fully or even partially might get you the viscosity you need for carts, but that is not the viscosity of distillate. That is (usually) after folks have added terps and or other diluents to make it flow.

Have you explored the results of Search results for '' - Future4200 thoroughly?


So first of all, you need to do your research. A vacuum oven has less Terpene loss than other methods and rosin already has a substantially higher amount than most other extraction processes.

A vacuum oven allows you to decarb at a lower temperature preserving greater numbers of terpenes.

This method is also faster. Yea, congratulations, you’ve just stated something that’s already been obvious as to the fact that there are no solvents. That’s why it’s called SHO.

A vacuum oven allows volitility faster and more precise to get the consistency that I need rather than fucking around with a magnetic stirrer hot plate for hours on end.

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doesn’t lower decarb temp. period.


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