Root Sciences VKL 70-5 vs VKL 75?

Hey folks. I’m looking at purchasing a used Root Sciences VKL 70-5. The most recent unit on RS’s website is called out as the VKL 75. They look almost identical
Could someone with more experience with these units than myself tell me what, if any, the differences are?

I may know a group, I’ll contact them tomorrow and see if it’s still around.

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I am 99% sure they are the same unit, names slightly differently.

Pretty sure the 5 in the ‘70-5 and 75’ means it has the 5L feed vessel.

They are both advertised on the same page as well.

VTA is a very well build system, on par with Chemtech, better than a pope/purepath or any of the other glass body options.

The VTA is built using mostly imported components, so parts availability may not be as easy as a Chemtech.

They are pretty bulletproof though, other than the gear pump PTFE packing leaks and check valve leaks that sometimes occur.

I have maintenance handbooks and teardown instructions if you do end up getting a VTA, let me know if you need them.

Sounds good. Let me know!

Thanks for the feedback on the unit! thats awesome to hear. I called RS today and they verified you are correct, they are indeed the same unit.