Rookie questiones about dab temperature

I recently bought a peak pro, but I can’t always find the best temperature for me, and I don’t want to act like a “noob” in front of my friends LOL.

So I’m wondering what the temperature has to do with the taste and the amount of smoke?
At what temperature do you put 0.1g of concentrates at a time?
What’s your optimum temperature for normal players?

Anyway guys,enjoy your day~

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It’s fucking preference. Don’t let your douchy fucking dab bros pressure you. Find what you like and fucking send it.

I smoke more hash than all the heady bois, Love weed with all my heart, but I prefer my dabs red fucking hot, fuck a terp. No shame.


Them timers and heat checkers are cool and all but I dab after I get my dab ready usually and send it. I miss my enail xD

Had one that would do 30 second climbs so you can taste the terps at 350-500 to kill your dab and get all them flavors


Eww. Lol
Chazz himself.

Once that puffco atomizer takes a shit,(won’t take long) spend half what the atomizer costs and get a seahorse.


Just reading about this device now, aside from cost, what do you like about it over the puffco?

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The economic aspect is wider than the initial cost.

I’ve been sharing the same 1 gram piece of rosin with the wife, both helpers, and a bunch of friends for about two weeks now. It works like a nectar collector, but because the temps are right, it doesn’t burn up more than you need to if used right. Tastes better than the puffco too imo

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Thing is the fucking truth. Takes daily cleaning if you rip dabs though.


Damn, mine ain’t never been cleaned and don’t look like that😂

The fucking flavor savor baby. Like 15g of reclaim in that bad boy, maybe 3ml of water.

The upside is no one wants to hit my rig :rofl: more dabs for me.


You sir, are THE chaz.


:+1: Confirmed

Clean that thing yo :joy: your inside bits will thank you


I do clean it. Like once a month.

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I start with a cold start.

Then get temp hotter as the day goes on.

I think I prefer 490 to 530 °F

Like he said earlier, it’s all preference and if you friends judge the way you medicate, get new friends or put their lame ass in check.

It’s medicine, it’s your medicine, you take it the way you desire.

But lower is great for taste. Higher temp for getting super ripped.

Saving up for the new Dr. Dabber Switch drop In a few weeks, I mean did I say new drop… I mean I have no clue if they will be releasing a super cool new design for their Switch.

Love the induction design for heating :ok_hand: :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:

That sir, is disgusting :face_vomiting:


Hadn’t even had a cold start until maybe a month ago. Now it’s all I have been rocking…

I got a round bottom banger that seems to work well for them.


If you’re married to using your Puffco, look for cup replacements for your atomizer area. I know if I use rosin on the blue setting (which is what you’re supposed to use for rosin…allegedly) I barely get a rip that’ll make my lungs tingle as I like full on scorched earth when I take a dab but when I kick it up to green I get the hit I want, BUT it roasts the concentrates inside. I’ve heard getting replacement cups will help immensely, If I didn’t get a slurper I probably would have snagged one by now

Otherwise if you’re NOT married to de puffco I recommend a cheap-ass rig with large tubing (less air restriction on your hits, keeps the cool air moving and stops your dab from heating up to the point of it tasting like shit even when measured), a chinese-made terp slurper (i’m using a glasshouse, got it for 30 bucks with pearls included…they broke, but still. i’d rather the pearls break than the slurper itself) and a dual laser klein tools temp guy (check the temperature tolerance, the good one goes up to 750f+ and will easily read a banger). Torch the fuck out of it, let it cool to about 500f and by the time you dab it and the concentrates melt in the tray you’re looking at a perfect temp dab. The banger and the temp gun will cost you less than 100 bucks and you’ll always get killer dab rips.

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I like to torch my quartz nail until it’s clean and almost starting to glow, then wait for it to feel like the right temp when I hold my hand over it. Swirl some oil around it, cap it, love it. I started with an ir temp gun, but quickly picked up the full analog handmometer skill fairly quickly. It’s surprising how consistent one can be just going by intuition and their senses.

Ceramic/porcelain tipped nectar collectors get torched till about a quarter inch of the tip is orange, remove flame, and hit that shit when it turns white or slightly after. Ceramic is king of the nectar collectors in my book. Enough thermal mass to power through a big hit off a glass or metal surface that would suck the heat straight out of quartz or titanium. Robust enough to torch clean with no worries of breaking. Flavor is clean if the tip is clean.



If it’s not glowing red hot it’s not ready.
RIP (2012-2015)