Ripped off by partner

Same old story. I don’t even want to retell the details, simply got ripped off by people that I trusted. And they destroyed my veg room and a lot of my genetic material
I’m in Michigan in genessee county.
I need some help with genetic material, looking for clones or plants, and really only AAA gassy earthy strains that are high producers.


Dm sent

#1 reason why I do everything solo.


Sorry for your loss…
That near Detroit?

Preferences and what can you afford?

Make use of your downtime. Deep clean everything. Seal up your growing rooms completely and start preparing it for winter conditions. Seal up Central AC ducts if use them with maskin. Two part foam and foam board is great for your building envelope. I recommend Deadhead OG. I would buy seeds online. You don’t know what kind of conditions the clones were grown. You could bring in unwanted pests or infections to your room. Do not venture to exotic/boutique strains if you don’t have many grows under your belt. If your growing area isn’t a controlled environment than you need to start looking for strains that can take cold and mold resistance. Once you find a strain you like than master it. Have a flagship strain that you know everything about. This will help you in the long run. If it makes you feel any better i can almost guarantee that everybody here has a similar story. Learn from your mistakes. Best of luck


Going through a simular thing, we will rise up and overcome these minor setbacks and take them as hard learned lessons


Thanks Juice. I was literally just sitting here thinking about the challenges that winter will bring in he barn that I’ve renovsted, and I was trying to lock down what type of insulation I want to do. My contractors did foam insulation in the barn at my house. But it’s more solid than the one I’m renovating right now.
I’ve been growing steady since I was 19, I’m 44
Over the years, I’ve learned about focusing my efforts to avoid allowing your resources to get diluted.
Meaning I produce only one strain. Anything else would be resource heavy, and also. I dont do partners. Haven’t since the first 10 of hem over the last twenty years, none respected or deserved the generosity. I only took on this last pertnership for several good reasons. And in spite of the recent fallout, my reasons were sound. They were to be silent partners meaning I only talked to them out of decency, not duty.

For a year I tolerated the questions and idiocy because it didn’t effect me. The day they disrespected my personal assistant, long time friend and project manager. I let them know. I’m done. I will not be disrespected and my people will not be disrespect. They can go fuck themselves. They asked me for help not the other way around, I’m not the one who is in need.
So thanks for the kind words and encouragement bro.
I was really just wondering ewhat the local community might be able to offer me as far as plants to rebuild. I have recovered my strain from associates. And my stock is complete and rooted now. GRINNING. So GAME ON ! All I ever need is a chance. I’ve lived my whole life watching people who disrespect honor.


You have a few options with closing in your space. Depends on your budget. Spray foam is hands down the best but it costs you the most. Are you planning to spray foam the building envelope of the barn or just the growing area? This will depend if you need open or closed cell. The second option is going around your growing space envelope(say for instance attic) you have to walk around and use two part foam to seal any holes such as wiring from your outlets. Once you seal up your holes than you come back with foam board with direct contact to you ceiling and side walls . This is the only way to get the true R-value out of it. Than you two part foam the seams. If you have a cavity you can use the pink panther but it needs to be very tight fitted and the brown moisture barrier facing towards the ceiling. Also if your in a rush you can use metal foil tape for the seams. Just so you know this isn’t contractor talk I’m BPI certified and done energy efficiency for 3 years.

Are you using supersoil?

I’ve had my fair share of losses and last year was the worst one to date. Literally it messed up everything I worked for and killed my future plans but a new path was paved.

I’m actually the same way I don’t care how much shit somebody talks about me but the minute they disrespect a good hearted person that’s close to me than it’s a different story. This is cheesy but you remember the old saying “Good guys finish last” well through the years every hot shot punk or low life vulture i knew is either locked up or currently having a miserable life due to their choices. It’s harder world for pple like us but at the same time we can look ourselves in the mirror everyday and have a smile on our face bc we took the right path in life

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I’m not sure what is your market like but generally I know a lot of growers who have a winter strain and a summer strain. Winter strains are more indica so you can use the cold for better purple coloring and summer strains are of course sativas. Also one last thing if you super seal your growing space you will need induction of fresh air. From personal experience if you don’t have fresh air in a grow space the plants will get weird

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