Review of Full Spectrum Terps

Started to make the transition at the beginning of this year to having full spectrum terps accounting for 50% or more of the selection available in carts. So far tried @Kinsmanofthesun, @KaweahBravo, and @kenzyme as well as @xtralaboratories, @MassTerpenes, and @DenverTerpenes.

For those that are looking at small scale these vendors all offered something great. Now I know there are a few others in here who offer full spectrum as well and just haven’t gotten to them yet or price was outside my budget. Haven’t spent over $30 a ml and variety to choose from where the two big criteria I had which led me to these vendors.

@xtralaboratories so far have tried roughly 15 strains and the most popular has been DaVinci OG, Romulan, Candyland, Pineapple Jack, ATF.

@MassTerpenes all 4 strains in there sample pack (Mass Super Skunk, LA Kush Cake, Motorbreath, & Triangle Kush) all went quick.

@DenverTerpenes tried at least 10 of their full spectrum choices and Pineapple Kush, OG Kush, Kush, Tangie, Blueberry Kush, and GDP have been the top requested by returning customers.

@kenzyme got 5 different strains thus far with Hemptress II & Sour Space Candy standing out as most popular.

@Kinsmanofthesun everything in the sample pack was awesome, but yet Sour Diesel was hands down had more customers placing follow up orders. Even those that said the normally despised Sour Diesel couldn’t get enough of this.

@KaweahBravo had the largest selection of cannabis sourced terps. Ordered 10 different strains in first order and so far Blue Cookies, Lava Cake, Sour Breath, and Pineapple Express are already all gone cause they were straight fire.

This is just my experience with these vendors and feedback I’ve received from those who bought the carts. I’m just thrilled that each vendor had a different selection for the most part than the others. Already plenty to choose from each vendor, but also thanks to the different selections didn’t feel like I had to choose one vendor over another:


thats a helpful list. you should try denver’s forbidden fruit. not full spectrum but one of my better sellers

Has anyone else tried true blue? I got a sample pack from them and all flavors were well liked

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@Betroit also has some tasty Terps. I save those for me personally.


I want to try Xtra laboratories out again. I got their sample pack a while back but the flavors didn’t really grab my attention. Denver and Mass are both great for sure.

The pineapple express from Denver terpenes is amazing

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Thanks for sharing I have been using Betroit but want to give some others a shot!


Thanks for the shout out!

Romulan has been the most popular. I used the feedback others had left to navigate to the top choices when I ordered the first time.

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Anyone heard from kaweahbravo? Made an order and sent text/emails but no reply at all?

Look out for “Holy Water”. FSE TERPS.
Check ys out in i.g

Glad you enjoyed them and appreciate the shoutout. Hoping to add a couple new ones in the next week or two.

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what % are you guys running these terps at, i assume less then non cannabis terps

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We usually recommend 8.5% for a CCELL application. A lot of our clientele find success around 5%-6% as well.

depends on the strain really. I’ve had terps that didn’t shine until they were at 10% and terps that felt too strong at 5%. both came from the same company. trial and error is a pretty important part of the process.


Thanks for the review man, very useful. I’m looking for a super loud GMO, any recommendations by chance?

Kaweah’s blue cookies was described my my clients as burning rubber along with the gelato and super glue.

Try the full spectrum

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Glad you liked our full spec line.

I think those are outside of the 30/ml price point op used

Title is misleading. Botanical terps are not full spectrum. Any company claiming this is just using this for marketing. Only way to get full spectrum terps is extracted them from the plant not from fruits and other things. Those are botanical blends. You have canna, botanical, and hemp terps all listed yet you do not disclose which are which. I am guessing you do know that all these sellers you listed are not selling canna terps.

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Not sure