Results with Lustermax

This is documentation of my experience with Lustermax media and some results. It is not meant to be an empirical review or quantified comparison against other medias. As a full disclosure, I received my sample for free, directly from Lustermax. I was under no obligation to make any review. I am not being compensated for this review. I only want to share my experiences with a product that has worked well for me so far and about a company/person that has treated me fairly. All products I share were produced by me and represent a good example of my array of results with LM. In general, we are running quality biomass and using CRC as a “polish.” I did make some badder/resin with LM as well, but they got sent out the door before I could photograph them.

LM touts positive qualities such as good flow, good remediation, terp retention, simplicity, and economy. My overall impressions of the product is that it is very practicable and results in good products. Overall, I’d say LM is very similar to T5. It seems to be a bit more powerful, and I found best results using only Lustermax as the proprietor recommends. The single media versus blends and pricing does result in an overall more efficient work flow and some economy, especially when cutting silica out of your SOP. I find myself grabbing LM about 80% of the time nowadays.

A note about working with Darren Jay:
Darren is the head proprietor of Lustermax. I found him to be knowledgeable, responsive, helpful, and an all around good person to deal with. Most importantly, he seems innovative and driven to be successful with a product he believes in. If you are considering using LM, I’d reach out to him. He has also developed educational material/white papers to go with LM and continues to bring new products to the market.

A note about crystallization/stability:
Other than overall favorable results in terms of color/smell/flavor/flow, the one thing I seem to notice about LM is that it promotes crystallization and shatter stability to a higher degree than other medias I’ve used. In my mind, this is a feature of the product to be used or avoided to your advantage based on the scenario.

Product Letter/Product Type/Media Used/Amount of media as a % of total biomass

Product A/Live Resin Cart/Lustermax only/1%
Notes: This was great starting material and ended up being a great oil. Great colors/Smells.

Product B/Shatter/Lustermax and Silica/10%
Notes: This is the only run with LM that has disappointed me. This was my first cured run with LM and on some material that I knew tended to run dark. All in all, I believe that it’s a simple matter of over remediation and the learning curve with the product. It is palers and more “champagne” than the photo shows. Smells were lemony/over remediated and the shatter was a bit overly stable.

Product C/bulk live resin oil/Lustermax only/2.2%
Notes: This was a high CBD strain.

Product E/bulk live resin oil/Lustermax only/0.6%
Notes: Another run that will make great carts.


Product F/bulk live resin oil/Lustermax/0.6%
Notes: Another run that will make great carts.



Great write up.

How does luster max compare in pricing to a carbon chemistry or similar brand?

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Limited experience here with LusterMax but we do things different, wish I could r&d but initial experience showed limitations that need expected vs commonly purchased media.

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With shipping, probably about the same as t5.


Cheap af. Almost to the point you wonder…

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Oh, nice! Thank you for taking the time to post this. You are a very busy man and I want to thank you for giving some feedback on your experience.

The original LusterMax (used for this review) is called “Alpha,” and it’s supposed to be on the stronger side while remediating the terpene fraction as minimally as possible. This strength is due to surface area and pH which from my experience acts like an adhesion strength of the surface area in our uses.

For Fresh Material I have introduced “Neutral” which is the exact same product with its great use qualities, finished by the mfg at a balanced pH during the final rinse.

While that’s my main recommendation, I have people who swear by low-dose, thin-column Alpha for running their Fresh Frozen or super fresh indoor biomass. Neutral doesn’t give that rushed crystalization effect either, which the OP mentioned, can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on what you’re using it for.


When I first started with small inventory, the price was competing with W1 in 2020. After working with killa at, hearing his advice on media filtration sales, and eventually growing inventory, I realized that the market has accepted the price of T5 and I should be focusing on growing my buy amounts so that my Unique Selling Point can be “High Quality (aka strength), at a low price point.”


I’m apprehensive to post this but this is a test I did with Neutral versus a few other popular medias.
Mind you the test was done with pentane and CBD crude oils (mix in media in solution, then filter out).

Very dirty but it shows at the same dosage Neutral really put a dent in the actual opacity (darkness) of the solution while others were going to need way more media to that same result. Disclaimer, this is a one-off test and I didn’t replicate it. Just observed and noted.

If anyone wants to try Alpha or Neutral I would love to get you a free sample @


I am a more silent supporter in all senses. Strong support of your forum aid, more able to potentially assist your powder game based off my education the past year. Gotta prioritize and mean no offense by that. But aid is here. How we can all find common ground to share it isnt up to me. Definitely wish you pushed harder on your pursuits. Even I want to see the end results of a lot of what could have been moments. Idk enough history, but know when product works. Dive ins are more rapid.

I assure you anything we do is not comparable… on testing… probably has to do with process/knowing it vs applying product for main production. Idk. Just know i wish it had more for testing.

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What’s the quantity of crude to Alpha? What was the solvent?

I’m a little confused by the question. Alpha wasn’t in the test shown above. This was a neutral pH media test. The solvent was pentane. 7:1 pentane:cbd crude and this test were 3:1 media to oil. Hope that answers your question.


Oh oops, confused the two.

Do you have some photo results with alpha?


I’ll agree lustermax and Daren Jay have it down!