Results : Bypass/skip degumming/dewaxing

Hey guys,

I am wondering for all you guys that run ethanol out there, at what temps are you seeing that you are able to bypass ALL degumming and dewaxing of your product?

It only counts if it can go straight from your primary ethanol extraction to distillation (wiped film) without any mid-stream processing.

I have had great results with below -65C, which we all know is a pain to scale. Has anyone had similar REPEATABLE results with higher temps around -35 to -40C? If so to what temp was your bio-mass stored/chilled?

I have noticed a decrease in yield with the colder temps on a side by side in overall cannabinoid content (do to the decreased solubility at lower temps). I would also love some comments on this point.


At -40c I have found that the distillate produced sans winterization is perfectly acceptable.

However, no matter what you will have “gums” since those phosphatides are what makes up the resin glands cellular walls. This is mostly fine (although kills adsorbent efficacy) for distillation, but becomes a serious issue when trying to remediate pesticides via chromatography


What about the phospholipids inhibiting CBD crystallization with a non-degummed product ran at -40?

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Shouldn’t be a problem at all.