Respectable seed company's

Hey all ive moved and been out of the cultivation game for a few years. No links to my old connects for legit strains seeds and cuts was wondering who has real gear ? Like og,northerlights,afghani,purps,larry og ,master kush (had an insane cut out of cali once shit was lime green frosty and doughy )

Id like to find some oc the new flavors like kk sherb gelato ect.

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Ghost genetics is a good guy. If you are on IG he can be found easily. And he has good prices for packs.

My boss is GDP genetics, I can get you a lead on beans.


I need high thc seeds but don’t want to buy thousands of dollars worth. In a start up venture and $10 a seed got paid already for a bu ch that didn’t germinate. WTF.

archive seeds are legit, artizen seed shop, seeds here now are a couple good places to start

Great lakes genetics!

That would be dope Im tryin to find legit stuff thats not watered down

Every time I go say what’s up to him I stare at the stock from bay 11 to grandpa larry. I’ll see him next week.