Replacing sensor on yellow jacket vac guage


Does anybody here know what needs to be done to replace the sensor on the yellow jacket 69075 vac guage.
Mine is in need of a new sensor


yellow Jacket 69073 is the part number for the sensor. i believe agilent or varian 531 or 0531 sensors also work


about to do this myself on an older one I have, ill post the process when I inevitably get around to it lol but if you beat me I would accept that spoon :upside_down_face::sunglasses:


The agilent and Varian sensors can be had cheaper you might try one of those first


Do I just unsolder and resolder on the new one?


just by glancing, it seems the gauge may separate where it turns to plastic?, otherwise if there no phone plug as the newer ones have, yeah I would pop it open and solder that baby up


I just inspected it. Your correct it just pops off. Just grab the metal sensor and plastic housing and it pulls straight off

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glad u could confirm my suspicion :upside_down_face:

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Have a part #?


Varian or agilent 531 or 0531 they are all the same and the same sensor the bullseye uses I believe

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bro I got yellow jacket used on ebay cheap and then got new sensor for $45 best option without going 50 dollar pressure transducer with rs232 serial output or 500 bullseye fk that shit dont need it you just need to see if you vac is holding and pressure build


I also was reading that someone had a vacuum problem changed 60 dollars of oil and hours of troubleshooting because a sensor was simply out of calibration It Could NOT hurt to have another 45 dollar sensor on hand or some kind of backup i was thinking about using two sensors one at my valved vacuum adapter gl14 port and another on my fk25 4 way cross on my vacuum forline


I paid less than that for my bullseye sensor


I’m pretty sure.the bullseye sensor works too. As does any agilent 531 type sensor.

Or you paid less than the used yellow jacket guages themselves?