Removing vac grease from distillate


Would pfte vaccuum grease be removable with a centrifuge?


So I read just now it’s insoluble in all solvents so filter through celite or other medium.


Your potency is not going to be effected by the vacuum grease, vacuum leaks on the other hand…


Those works great!


Analytical testing can only show you compounds you are looking for. Vac grease isn’t going to show up unless the analytical lab is testing for it. And without standards for calibration you won’t be able to get quantitive results.
There is no single analytical method/instrumentation that can show you every type of compound in every type of sample. Hope that is obvious, but I thought it should be mentioned as a reminder.


Has anyone ever used the vac grease feom usa labs, comes in a pee test looking cup but the specs seem to be on point and it is waaay cheaper than anyrhing. I only use apezion for the head and thermo all other gets light coating of dows corning


Stupid question. Do we need PTFE sleeves to use distillate? Or can we just use it directly on the glass joints. I tried just using distillate directly on the joints this time, and it all worked great until I tried to switch flasks, never got full vacuum again.

Probably gonna order some sleeves now


I smeared it directly on the male joint, rotayed a few times, put the keck clamp on, and went to work.


interesting. I wonder if that is my problem at this point. Or if for some reason I have a leak further down the line.


It works, i just like the barrier it is easier to seporate a joint and they won’t permastick.


Someone told me a while ago, to look (at the greased or disty smeared joint) if i see any channels indicating a vac leak at said joint.


Bingo! Looks like I have to be careful with distillate sealing the thermo port on the head. Totally was the cause of the leak. I had to drop distillate on the top of the head/summit key to finally get the seal