Reminder: Cannabis marketing / buzzwords may be blocked when using traditional commercial telephony such as SMS

Saw this warning on Confident Cannabis this morning:

“In May 2021, several telecom companies began closing access to cannabis companies and in June, some of the biggest SMS marketing tools announced that they were no longer able to support the industry because of the industry’s SHAFT (sex, hate, alcohol, firearms, tobacco) rules.”

Just in case you’ve felt as though texts you’ve swore you’ve sent don’t go through…check your content for associated SHAFT buzzwords and lingo.

Obligatory “We need another internet without commercial-interest controls”.


Feels a lot like China!


I’m guessing cannabis falls under the “Sex” part of the “SHAFT” rules?


if there is interest in a replacement I have the infrastructure figued out in principle, message me and we can go from there

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Sprout, who recently got acquired by Weedmaps, had to fast-track development on their loyalty wallet platform because of this. Basically the same methodology everybody else is using- localized number with a cannabis-free blurb & a link shortener.

The link from Sprout opens into a web app (functions similar to this where you can download the page to your phone, get notifications, etc.) where the dispo can post their deals & talk a bit more freely. It’s got some light customization & it’s truly not that great of a package, but custies still flock to it.

There’s a bevy of SMS API providers. Just got to find who gives you a decent rate on messaging. Last I dealt with was Twilio.


twilio is CITA


Exactly why I moved on. They quickly went from being on-board with the project to ghosting me.


I know many POS systems that have incorporated SMS marketing into their platforms. This information in new to me and will be interesting to watch unfold.