Remediation of THC from hemp with DCVC?

Looking for an SOP for stripping THC contents from etoh hemp extracts

This would be difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish with DCVC. In my experience, DCVC separates cannabinoids from many non-cannabinoid moieties fairly well. That said, I have never been able to achieve baseline resolution of individual cannabinoids using DCVC.

Probably not enough plates

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I think most are doing it with flash

Normal phase chromatography is very challenging to get good separation on and RP media will crack when the column gets emptied of solvent during DCVC (at least this is my understanding, anyone feel free to say otherwise)


I wanted to try using one of those resin style media’s, but I guess the dry portion is problematic like you said

You could try finer silica.

I mean I’d imagine with height and mesh we could probably find a silica column to work. Just gotta figure out if a solvent gradient does us enough favors to justify it.

If someone has an hplc, we could try some hplc normal phase runs to get an idea of the limits of resolution available.

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I had started looking into this a while back. I heard you might be able to do something with alumina and ph adjusted acetone/water gradients, but I never figured it out.

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Yeah I mean with a long enough column I’m sure separation could be achieved, the biggest issue in my mind is the amount of solvent necessary. If you think about how much solvent is used by an HPLC for such a small amount of analyte and scale it up to the KG scale it’s pretty bleak lol.

It might be possible to “WCVC” (wet column vac chromatography) by leaving solvent in the top of the column but that’s really just a more complicated way of doing flash

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Interesting, where did you learn about this?

I don’t really remember, I was doing some research for a customer that wanted UHP SFC columns built and was reading a ton of info on column packing at the time. I hope I’m not perpetuating an old wives tale lol

I don’t see why RP sorbent specifically would act this way. It’s most important to use the right particle size sorbent for DCVC, if that is the case and proper packing protocols are followed, there should not be any such trouble.

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Yeah I had an idea of building a contraption that essentially “sprays” solvent, via vacuum into your column (have the whole thing under vac.

Then using something akin to a single knob shower faucet to slowly control the gradient of your solvent.

Seems simple in theory, but then again what isn’t.

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The HPLC takes such small loads for the sake of preserving the column – you want to be able to do thousands of runs. You could actually load a lot more material and still get, by our standards, very good resolution. You’d just have to replace the media more.


Now, my question is if prep gas chromatography is an option. Looking at the resolution that @Dr_Jebril gets, it seems to be a superior option and has the bonus of not needing solvent recovery. Throughput might be low but with low enough cost per run and an automated system who really cares

Awesome to be wrong! Let the experimentation begin

I’ve never heard of anything of that sort, and the energy input would likely be tremendous.


Probably not wrong

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