hello, we are building our extraction facilitates in Alabama and Tennessee, we have 1,400 acres already growing in Tennessee and another 1,000 in Alabama. we are looking to build long term relationships with companies, brokers etc that can help us sell our products, isolate, distillate, crude oil , full spectrum etc! please respond to this add if you would be interested in forming a partnership or relationship with us to help with the sale of the products we will be processing! private message me or message me on here. thank you very much


I’m absolutely interested in working with you guys in anyway that makes sense. We’re about to have the highest capacity processing facility that I know of here in Michigan.
Drop me a line and we’ll talk shop


Hey , I work for a filtration Co. in Ca , we supply filter media of all type ( Carbon mods , sheets or cut to specs ) . If you ever have any need of any filtration equipment ( Lenticular, bag housings ) Let me know if we can do anything for you . Heyes Filters Inc.

Yo if you guys are gonna be producing isolate and T-free disty, hit me up. We are an infused product manufacturer in CO and buy isolate and distillate by the kg.
Also have around 800 acres in the ground and may need a processor at some point if you are interested?

Send pricing over to my e-mail. Always open to better pricing than we are currently getting.
Just for some reference though, we are getting isolate from the only CERTIFIED GMP (not “GMP Compliant”) in the state of CO at $3500/kg. Stuff is white as snow every single time, no harsh smells. So that’s what we’d need to beat

@ZizzleB I have T-free distillate. Will send COAs tomorrow. Waiting on results

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Yeah man, send over COAs and pricing! :metal:

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Please send coa & pricing to me as well. Cheers

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FYI any GMP certification is just to have an external company attach their name to someones GMP compliance. And really, unless you know which company did the certification its totally meaningless. And if a company is GMP compliant that is as good as certified. The only reason for gettting a GMP certification is if your industry is full of clownery. Aaand CBD is for sure full of clowns. However, if a company is in fact GMP compliant they arent doing anything less (except paying someone for a cert) than a company that has some kind of GMP cert. Basically GMP certs are BS, since ANYONE making a food or supplement is supposed to follow GMP things

Also unless you know who the certification company was, the cert means nothing. And, the FDA doesnt certify, its just assumed that anyone selling these products is compliant

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Oh I’m aware of how it works. I’ve spoken with guys who do GMP Compliance audits firsthand and they’ve explained it to me…
It is easier and cheaper, like you said, to get the “GMP compliant” stamp than it is the GMP Certified. There are more companies that are able/willing to sign off on GMP Compliance than actually Certified GMP… That’s all I’m saying. This GMP Compliant is in theory the same thing, but not identical… Hence the far higher number of “GMP Compliant” facilities vs. the number of “Certified GMP” ones.
I kinda see GMP Compliant as a pre-cursor to GMP certification…

I work with a few farmers here in Alabama, i would love to talk a bit more about your facilities, distribution.