reintroducing terpenes

okay so right now we do not have a homogenizer we use a sonicator and drill with an attachment ( a little make shift ) . I have heard of people doing an initial mix then going into a microwave to finish. What are your thoughts on that ? How do some of you homogenize . Found that using a heating mantle with a stir bar can be quite time consuming and for larger batches wasn’t homogenizing enough.

The Dangers of Using an Overhead Stirrer in Cannabinoid & Terpene Distribution


The most effective method I have found to introduce new compound into isolate at first seems like it might not work until you actually do it. I rely on the fact first that the extract has been purified enough that despite coloration the compound is more or less not all that sticky to the touch and has very much a polymer like consistency.

I whip the compound to be mixed in like terps or waxes making sure every last drop is fully bubbled through with whipping action and is shot through with tiny air bubbles. Then I pop the stuff into my bell chamber vacuum that can achieve a reported one micron by the pressure sensor mounted a few feet away and past some restrictions in the line. It is unlikely the actual pressure in the chamber therefor matches precisely the reading but certainly the vacuum is as deep as can be pulled. This pulls all that air entraped into very large bubbles where they started as tiny ones and most will not even break the surface until it has sat overnight.

The deep vacuum at first glance by even a pro in the field was deemed too deep to avoid boiling terps out at room temp. Without any doubt for every minute under a deep one micron vacuum terpenes are being evaporated but at room temp not so much that it impacts at all because most are entrapped and evaporation must take place at the surface in these conditions. The compound will swell up many times the starting size like a marshmallow would swell up. This has the effect of srpeading the lighter and more fluid terpenes across a very large surface area and spreads it out.

Then I remove from the chamber as a raised biscuit and stir it down again into a smaller whipped version and repeat the process. I cannot envision a room temperature operation that could mix the compounds more thoroughly. The other benefit I have noticed is harder to measure with numbers but when miixng this way the terps seem more natural to me and not really like an add in. The mixing action of all those air bubbles trying to escape the thick compound is very effective.

This will not work of course with compound that is still substantially liquid at room temp because the ability to pull a biscuit like deal depends on the compound being substantially pure and solvent free already. In this context I refer to terpenes as a solvent. For thick compound it works gonzo! Here is a photo of both the compound without added stuff (in this case refined plant waxes to slow/stop oxidation) and the biscuit pulled up to mix it all together.