Refining my beginners method for cleaning up crude bho

Hello, I recently made my introduction here and started feeling my way around. I have a good amount of experience on the close loop system as a helper, and have recently taken over some lab work for some people who are trying to get things rolling and eventually expand a little bit. So to put it simply, I am a novice with a fairly well rounded understanding of how things work, but I am also a little overwhelmed in doing my research. When researching how to improve my methods and what route to take things can get a little blurry as there are so many methods and peoples advice to take. This industry is expanding so quick it’s hard to keep up when you’re just learning as well. So here goes

Currently until new harvest come in, I am using a lot of older trim to kind of dial in the system and my methods. My first initial mission simply put, is to make Bho from trim through a closed loop system, clean it up as much as possible and get it into some cartridges. This is kind of a proof of concept type of thing as far as my skills go. I’m well aware that processing trim for pens is a novice move and frowned upon so to speak but it’s just where I’m at in trying to learn. So here is my set up, my methods. And I’m just asking what the best next move is for me and what I should research.

I run my trim through the closed loop system. Dumping my pot, and purging in a vac oven

When that process is done, I take the purged bho, and dilute it in a 15:1 ratio with ethanol in a mason jar

Freeze the mason jar for a day or two, or less if I have extra dry ice

Run the mason jar through a Büchner funnel and filter at 25 microns, then 3 microns if it won’t clog, which usually leaves me with a fat bed of greenish fats and lipids, so I’m removing a lot of mass… (remember shitty trim)

After that, I run that jar of filtered bho and etho into my rotovap at about 115F removing the ethanol

I finally end up with a pretty thick and dark product.

This is where I need some simple advice as far as what next step to take. I researched carbon scrubs, diamatacous earth, and things like that but again if I’m not going in the right direction that’s a lot of research and time for the wrong thing. So what I’m asking is, what should be my proper next move to focus on to clean up the oil. I’ve been reading a lot about decarbing as well before putting into cartridges. So given my simple novice process of trim to bho, bho to etho dilution, Buchner filter, rotovap, where should I direct my focus of learning next to achieve a product that can atleast make it into a cart. I’d like To get the color much lighter. The lab also has a distillation set up but is missing the pump. The people I work for don’t want to get into distillation just yet so as much as I’d like to, I cant jump into that at this moment. Just seeing what I can do to clean up the end result of my crude trim oil. All a part of my novice learning process. Thank you for any direction :slight_smile:


you can try bleaching and filter aids, but in my experence distillation is going to go alot further than other methods in removing alot of the undesirable colors.

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I am completely behind distilling and would love to start learning… but i unfortunately have to go at the pace and financial investing as the people I work for allow or want to which is understandable until I/we can show it’s worth moving forward and expanding. We are in the infancy of what we hope to accomplish, and I was brough in for
My desire and ability to learn, more so than my knowledge. They have a lot of confidence in me so I’m trying to rise up. So mission A for now is running trim, cleaning it up, carts. I’m just kind of looking to be pointed in the direction of my next best move. Filter aids/bleaching seems to be it, just need help deciding which methods… ie celite filtering, c bleach, carbon scrubs, etc. I guess I’m just hoping for someone to point me out into the most productive use of my research time. I don’t need to be guided through, I enjoy doing my diligent learning. But in this field of science, that goes off in a million directions and not knowing much, can be intimidating. Today I was reading about decarbing before putting in carts, etc. that’s why I provided my current work flow and where I leave off, hoping for that assistance in direction. Thanks for your reply so far :slight_smile:

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Look up acidhousemouse on Instagram! He has an awesome way to turn out crude. Check out his pics I think it may be exactly what your looking for. We had him come out to help us out and it was more than worth it.

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check out @beakers method of


Wow! Thanks for the reference. He has caught my interest.

I was once employed by a man who had built a multi million dollar company from scratch. When we let it be known publicly we intended to recreate an identical version of an aircraft Howard Hughes had built in the '30s we were laughed at. The original was in the Smithsonian and still is. We were called rookie idealists who lacked proper engineering skills, and were generally regarded as delusional and “experts” crawled out of the woodwork explaining why it was impossible…

A bit over four years later Air & Space magazine, a Smithsonian publication, featured the aircraft we built from scratch on the front cover of the magazine that was such an exact duplicate of the original in the Smithsonian that FAA allowed the aircraft designated as serial #2. The author called the craft the most beautiful aircraft ever built and in fact my friend who piloted the aircraft flew the thing to a new world speed record in category for the craft. Nobody laughed at us then and the project inspired articles written in all different languages about how a handful of “rookies” pulled off the impossible by believing it was possible.

We too were laughed at, ridiculed, and considered delusional amatuers. What’s my point? My point is we believed in ourselves from inside and knew in our hearts we could pull it off as a team. I admire your frank and open approach and my suggestion it looks like you already do is try to ignore the skeptic, forgive your own mistakes, and keep an open mind. There are many paths to the top of the mountain and many techniques to learn.

You will achieve as much as you wish in life when you do not rely on “hope” to achieve and disregard the other humans who cannot see your vision. I wish you luck and plz let me know if I can help, understanding I am a micro quantity guy and not a pro/commercial guy so my stuff might not apply. At least I can offer totally confusing information and a sense of humor that never ever got me past try outs of Americ’s Got Talent… not even into the front lobby! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Your response was beyond appreciated. I just wrote u a long direct message, and realized you don’t accept dms when I went to send it. Do u have a way of communicating outside of this forum? If u don’t mind of course.

I don’t know how to turn DM back on. Let me see if I can figure out how to do that.

Well when you do I’ll be sure to send you my paragraph of a direct message LOL. I have a horrible unexplainable habit of ending up with super long writings no matter what simple point I’m trying to make it say lol

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RIP Respect… :100:

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