Reducing volume to Rotovape

So I recently learned about liquid liquid separation using heptane.
When you mix ethanol dissolved thc with heptane, the cannabinoids go to the heptane. The ratios I’ve seen are to dissolve your distillate 2:1 heptane:distillate. Is that because heptane can pull in 500mg of cannabinoids per ml?
Now i was wondering instead of having to roto vape your 10:1 alcohol:thc solution. Can you slowly saturate your heptane with cannabinoids by adding the alcohol:thc solution to It? Then roto vape that?
You would only need to roto vape 3L of liquid instead of 11L.
I would understand that you would probably want to distill the alcohol anyways, but atleast it’s not slowing you down on the cannabinoid production.
My bottleneck right now is filtration and evaporation.
Im upgrading my 2D filter paper to 3D with silica, so I’m hoping that should speed things up.