Red precipitate from EtOH/dry ice winterization

Hey guys,

has anybody ever had red stuff precipitate from extract when mixing dry ice with ethanol or from super cold ethanol extractions? My extract turned out with a green hue. I’m not sure what it is but it’s happened twice. Strains were GDP and Skywalker Kush so it’s not the anthocyanins because skywalker doesn’t have any. Thanks in advance for the help!

You’re adding dry ice directly to solution???

I had a small amount of extract remaining and didn’t want to wait the time for the ethanol to cool in the freezer so I tossed in some dry ice to rapidly cool the solution but it make it quite turbulent for a little bit. This red also precipitated when I didn’t use dry ice as well but the temperature of the extraction was done at -70C

Off topic kinda… But Skywalker from reserva?

Best strain I’ve had in Long time, extract is exquisite… Still have the lady, can’t let her go

I’d avoid adding dry ice directly cuz it can turn the solution acidic. Try running your solution over alumina after winterizing

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Are we suggesting the red precipitate might be isomerization?

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I have seen water solubles be a red precipitate, normally they will show up in increasing number as you roto your solvent out. T5 bentonite does a great job of grabbing water solubles, you might try and filter over a bed of this if you haven’t yet. Not sure how much precipitate you are getting, but if its a lot, I would double check your ethanol is up to proof before extracting.

I highly doubt that isomerization is happening if not in the boiling flask. maybe the right conditions, but the energy is missing.


Sadly i can for 100% certanty say that isomerization can i say can occure
Due to direct dry ice in solution
No energy needed -80C extraction
Have a lab report in the biomass after first rinse all was delta 8


Wow, great to know.

Can you explain this a bit further please?

Ok so i received 10 kg of drysift to extract
Dry sift from the same biomass i had done before
I checked phof My to use ethanol denatured with 5 % methanol
With litmuspaper and iT was fine
I Placed the jugs in dry ice to Cool down
I took the drysift and Placed iT layer by layer in a icebox with dry ice to Cool down
When ready to extract i poured the jugs in My ss Bucket and
Chucked the drysift in a bubble bag with all the non sublimated dry ice
And did My extraction only one rinse of 5 min
Spin dried and done
Recoverd the etho did My cleanup pre distillation sop etc
The Distillate had isomerization isseus so the hunt was on to Where in the line iT happend
The absorbents etc etc Where checked with litmus at all times
So When i send in the dry sift this was the report

numbers are high because of a onetime rinse only remember
Well this drysift has only touched etho and dryice and stainless steel and a plastic bag and a bubble bag

I always add dry ice directly to my ethanol wash.

I alsonposted my lab results in my spd thread

I also for years talking to praxair iT turns out that not every batch of dry ice is the same depends a lot on what type of chemical process the CO2 was caught from seems to be more acitic batches than most got lucky i guess :confounded:

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thats crazy that you got such a complete isomerization to delta 8 like that… If you could reproduce that everytime that would incredible

Tell me about iT the Damn acid stayed and isomerized the Distillate to unknowns
Exept for CBN that stayed unharmed

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I use food grade. They use thos to clean food service places, as well and computer stuff

This was food grade :cry:

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Listen treuth iT is a one timer in hundreds
But iT can happen that is all i warn for


unfortunately, I don’t know where the genetics stem from. I’d have to guess no, because I don’t love it the way you do lol!

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I’ve been following your bucket tek posts for a while now and just recently started doing dry ice extractions similar to yours. This is the first I’ve heard about co2 this being an issue during extractions, should I be concerned?