recylced extraction

has anyone tried to re run their trim. I have saved the extracted trim and have about 100 lbs saved up. I am thinking about doing a 2nd run with it using ethanol. I imagine it will be dark and dirty, I am hoping to be able to use it as say a (grade B) to use for other things like roller balls. Ay thoughts on what kind of return in beneficial cbd or is it pointless


I have, wasn’t worth the time it took, but I was trying to get leftover oil, one might think the cbds went with the oil…

Most ppl see that yellow powder and think something left… But a good efficient system and no…

Think about it like this… You load 100g kief… Pull back 30g oil, bc the kief was 30% thc… Now you have 70g yellow pollen
Good luck…

I’ve always been told to cook with it, and saw where some ppl was using for edibles, cook screen, eat :grin:

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What was your first extraction method? That will be a big part of determining if a second extraction would be worth your while, as well as what method might be a good option. IMO, it could totally be worth it if you extracted using a mechanical extraction technique first and wanted to do a second pass with a chemical extraction method. For example, using ethanol to extract from rosin chips.

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I have done it to dial in solvent ratios and I returned less than 1% of a grease like oil that after months sitting out was still like axle grease. So in my opinion if you did it right the first time there’s no need for a second


So it was a waste of time. All i got was some really burnt crude that i will have tested at the lab and i will post results. If there is anything beneficial at all in the sample still dont think it will be worth the flask i may not be able to get clean.

You should kief the trim then add kief to a bag of material intended for crude. Dont run pure kief lol

Hey there,
I spent about a month doing exactly this.
It was trim from another company that was running BHO.
I did room temperature isopropyl extraction, and then turned it into distillate after all the normal steps.
The best I could end up making was something like 60% total cannabinoids and the yield was very low, at or below 1%. I did manage to make it look okay, but it had a slightly off flavor. Didn’t try steam distilling it in a roto, that might have helped with that.

That said there are a lot of variables here, number one probably how thoroughly the trim was extracted in the first place.

Make sure to consider your input costs when looking at options like this, we found that it was more profitable to just run normal trim.

Good luck,

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1% yield sounds appropriate based on my in-house testing of my spent biomass. Both EtOH and Hydrocarbon.

But I took aim at that number…so others may be leaving more. Possibly a lot more…

Just talked to a guy from Orange Photonics who has tested the Activated Charcoal one group was tossing in the trash at 9% THC.

So looking at the biomass to evaluate your potential yield may be worthwhile.

But I’m a broken record as far as recommending In House analytics


So could you just resoak the AC in etho to get the thc back out? Ive always been curious to where all that lost weight goes in post processing. I’m glad someone tested it.

I always save my lipids from dewaxing/winterizing until I have a few buckets full and rewash it a couple times and filter again. One time I got like 3 keys or so of crude from two and a half five gal buckets that were full. It was mostly waxes I collected from a rough warm first filtration on the 18” and 24” bel art science ware table top funnels before freezing


So for cleaning your flasks from burnt material i found out through @anon42519203 that you can steam clean your bf. Further since i was told about the sugar being the main component in the burnt material, which is water soluble, I’ve started pouring distilled water in the bf and setting the mantle to just slightly boil the water. I then cover the joints in foil and watch the residue start dissolving. After an hour or so i remove the flask and rinse the water around and pour it out in a jug. I then put some etho/iso and do the same thing at a lower temp. It removes what the water doesn’t. After that i use rock salt or rice with water/etho and shake it till i get it as clean as i can. I’ve cleaned bfs that I’d tried letting acetone sit in for days without getting the burnt stuff out and after starting this you get really good results, surprisingly. You can, for good measure, do a acetone rinse last with salt if you feel there is need to. Then rinse with water then iso and let dry.

Use salt and acetone so that the salt does not dissolve and does the work that it’s meant to do which is just to pulverize

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Then rinse with water to get the rest of the salt out


Why ethanol?

I’m assuming that was suggested b.c. u can just soak and agitate for a few mins to recover any “stuck” cannabinoids.

Everything that’s “waste” gets saved in a wash bucket to surprise the boss with free kilos every once in a while

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