Recrystalizing distillate?


first post here from an eager to learn wannabe chemist, go easy on me hehe

is it possible to recrystalizea distillate? how would you go about it if it has been somewhat if not completly decarbed? is it even possible?!

thanks all and excited to have joined this forum thanks @Demontrich

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If the distillate is cbd then yes, if it is thc then no.
You would want to put the (a) back into that thc!


@Soxhlet answer is correct but since You want to be a chemist :grinning:
IT is about iT s melting point
Thc is a liquid at room temperature
Thca is a solid at room temperature
There for it Will not cristelize At room temp
So now learn the boiling points and melting points of most solvents we use and solids and You are on the path :grinning:


Hehe thanks guys, thought so. Its would be purdy though!

Welcome to the party. Loads of useful information will be found on here.

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Distillate should be fully decarbed after being ran in the short path