Recommendations for a stirrer to blend distillate/carrier

I’m just starting this journey and am looking for a recommendation on a stirrer for the distillate and carrier oil. I’m assuming a heating one is the way to go.

I was planning to use MCT oil as the carrier. What would be a good temperature to keep the mixture at and how long typically does it take to blend? Is there a recommended mixing speed?


Flacktek Speedmixer

whats your budget?

heat plate and mag stir works just fine for mct and disty.

50/50 disty mct?

What total volume? 1000ml? 1000 gallons?

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care to explore that one just a hair further?
what are your plans for this mixture?

there are still folks out there that think disty plus mct is a workable plan for carts…

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I was thinking about the heat plate and magnetic stirrer. Having looked at a few on Amazon the reviews don’t fill me with confidence and was wondering what people here recommended.

more like 20% distill/80% MCT.

Small volumes - much less than 1000ml i’m sure - more like 250ml although the ability to do larger volumes works too, especially if the equipment isn’t much more.

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No, nothing to do with carts. Making cbd oil and the ultimate goal is to make water soluble CBD.

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mct at 80% will make just about any cheap mag stir work well enough.


I would suggest a solution / mixing temp of 180F

And whatever volume you’re mixing I would recommend using a beaker with double the capacity. Ex: 500ml batch in a 1000ml beaker

Not much is required to blend these 2 as the MCT / Disty mix very well.

Stir bar 600-1400rpm for 5 minutes (if 180F) should do the trick

Here’s the most expensive set up for this project


You can also get away with just a silicone spatula, a pyrex measuring cup, and a stainless saucepan. Microwave your distillate until runny in pyrex, add MCT in the saucepan placed on the stove on low, pour/scrape the distillate into the MCT oil and stir. Like everyone said it’s super easy to combine these 2 ingredients you really just need a little heat (or time).


Yikes, those are expensive except that last one which i already have.

I had been looking at some on Amazon but the reviews basically said they sucked at regulating the temperature and i wasn’t sure how important temp/speed was to the process.

And thank you everyone for your advice, its much appreciated.