Real thick homemade carts

Done with 6% Denver terps and wax concentrate. I decarbed in oven at 240 for about 50 minutes and then stirred in terps at 160ish. My final product was almost too thick to get into the syringe and is very hard to get out. Any tips? It’s got a lot of micro bubbles that don’t move.

Are you asking how to remove the bubbles or what?

If thats the questions, those bubbles dont really matter but if you heat with a blow dryer and let sit the air bubbles should float to top…


If that’s a real C-Cell then it’ll be fine. As you hit it the core will heat up the concentrate just enough to flow down. As with most quality carts, don’t hit it crazy hard and long or you’ll burn up the ceramic and it’ll taste like shit for the rest of the cart. As long as you sip it like you would a straw, every hit will taste like the first.

A cheap heat gun does wonders on a glass syringe if your filling more than just a few…

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