RE-501 Replacement Stopper

Does anyone know where to get a replacement valve for the RE-501 Rotovap receiving flask? Or at least what the technical term for it is? I just had it take a shit on me in the middle of a run and all I’m finding is a whole replacement flask with the part. I don’t need the glass, just the PTFE stopper.

I have found a near identical one off of across internationals site- 20l roto<accessories . I had one get stripped the plastic threading. Ive bypassed the valve now allowing for it to be open all the time, I put a ball valve on a hose on the valve all i have to do is open the valve now no more worries about the plastic crap


I can ship you mine from my re501, then I’ll buy a replacement from my local spot.

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Thanks for that! I’m thinking of just sticking the plug into it and doing that with the hose and ball valve as a temp fix because apparently that replacement flask I found is out of stock. I just hope the vacuum won’t suck the plug in and close it off where I have to pull the whole flask off to empty it and use use pliers again to pull it out.

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