R134a hemp and cannabis extraction advice and comments

Not to mention his garbage machine DEFINATELY sheds metals into the extract. It’s rough ugly finish looks, feels, and is out of place in any professional manufacturing setting… even perfume. Although, please lets not be racist… he is Bulgarian, not Gypsy. The fruit is low hanging enough as is. Also, should I mention that Pure5 manufactures Kratom out of their strip-mall’s garage?

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That is data for HVAC technicians safety info dealing with the gas by itself and doing welding on HVAC systems. You do not have any hazards when you do not have the gas as example in extracts.

How would that cause and explosion with nonflammable gas and why you should mix it with air? You should be more concerned about the butane/propane when only 6% is combustible even with no pressure. You have enough evidence in the industry with casualties from that.

You have not proved that it is not in your extracts


butane LEL is only 1.9% and propane LEL is 2.1%…much more dangerous…I’d still much rather use either than r134 on any given day. Good luck with sales though!

If this guy is the same guy as George than he tried with old stuff tested in Bogota. :thinking: Right?

Global Warming Potential (GWP):
n-butane/propane = 3
134a = 1,300

Between GWP and PFAS, are the unwinnable, regulatory battles worth it?

You don’t like hydrogen fluoride and carbonyl fluoride gases in your dab?

I like to keep the flouride right in the water supply, WHERE IT BELONGS


…and propane boils at -44c but yet it still remains in the hash after the end process purge… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::person_shrugging:

Have you tested for your r134a crude on the ppm/ppb level? I can pretty much guarantee you still have solvent in your hash.

Or are you using your nose as the detection source?


Purging is a bitch reason I preform the solvent swap


All your going to do is harm yourself at this point. R134a has a bad wrap there are many other alternatives your system can run with likely similar parameters besides time differences.

If you are unwilling to provide testing or work with anyone to prove otherwise your just shooting yourself in the foot.

(a lot of us used r134a in our closed loops) when legalization came around and hydrofluorocarbons werent categorzied as volatile extractions. Product is inferior and your trying to sell people to pay more for what we currently understand as worse… good luck…

Automation of propane/butane systems like yours isnt a bad line of work to get into either…

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