R134a hemp and cannabis extraction advice and comments

I found empty cans of automotive r134a. That’s why he won’t answer you.


direct inhalation.

Wait a second, Isn’t that what we’re doing when we’re smoking?

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I chuckle every time I read about 99.99+% solvents. In this case you’re lead to believe that 99.999% pure 134a is available in 20 pound disposable refrigerant cylinders. Maybe out of China, but not here in the US. The purity needs to be confirmed.

On a somewhat related note, there’s a company selling little cans of butane at “99.9998%” purity. It came in at < 70% and popped for benzene at 14 ppm. Same company is now selling in 100 pound cylinders at super-low pricing with delivery included.

“Trust but verify” maybe ought to be changed to “Verify then trust, but continue verifying.”

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Is that Capital-N?.

I’ve used them before, total shit.

I went to puretane and then back to whip it 420ml because puretane got too expensive.

Is in the cannabis industry when it comes to products. Idk how it is with solvents.

In the cannabis industry they have to retest products like every 3 to 6 months or some shit like that for accuracy to the consumer.

So that being said anywhere within that time frame your product is degrading on the shelf…

When suppliers misrepresent their product to consumers who do not verify, problems are bound to happen. Whether it be automotive 134a or 99.9998% butane, a savvy customer should verify the purity of the solvent.

$10 dollar a pound 99.999% 134a is not available.

Did you check with propellant gas specialists
I am at less than 10 a pound
Still do a ac,cacl2 , distillation cleanup
Since it s 99.95% but available for a decent price 7€ per kg wholesale
600kg +

I offered to do it in house at a micro buisness to compare it side by side to hydrocarbon extrscts cause ive heard some of.the variables i dont think but know should changed(well 1 i know others id like to see.). But even if not me.

Consider working with a legal brand/processor and see if its the r134a itself or parameters/product.

If its just r134a listen to the other guy about implementing another hydrocarbon… like r1234x or w.e that new stuff is cslled now thats much more environmentally friendly.

There are VARIOUS amounts of hydrocarbon solvents people have used yet. I dont think ive heard of anyone even using an alkene to extract for example.

Yet again who knows if the biomass were extracting with or live resin mat. specifically for example could even be extracted with its water content due to alkenes inherit nature to produce hydroxy-alkanes but yet again, may not be acidic enough of an extraction to occur.

Yet again yet again, even if it reacted would it segregrate itself somehow thru polarity, or would the terps if so also… id argue fats and waxes if any remain would also seperste in that fraction considering it would become a polar solvent. But probly just over thinking it and wouldnt face any reaction


Butene or propene (unsaturated hydrocarbons). I’ve also heard some decent things about dimethyl ether.


Isomer of butane which are alkanes. Isobutene would be the alkene “equivalent” to those.

@Neutral have been wanting to do some form of ether since i started ages ago. Just so damn sketchy. Even asked a chemist in 2017 and told me he wouldnt work with it himself so i stay in my lane lol.

This solvent creates a harmful byproduct and the comerg company is shit and the owner is a greasy Eastern European scam artist. The product this solvent makes is ass from the pure5 machines.

Don’t know why you’d use this as a solvent choice unless you bumped your head

This is from a plain old cheap shitty co2 machine that costs less than a pure5 and makes product a million times better and also isn’t flammable like r134 but has the benefit of not creating poison


There is no solvent residues in the extract. With boiling point over -15F it is not detectable after the in-process purging. Much smaller molecule than butane and purging is done in the machine. You will not be inhaling any aerosols.

Can you elaborate on the biproducts and what is farmable in R134a?

not flammable on its own… but putting the solvent under pressure in an extraction unit could potentially pose a danger…

basically If you were to mod a c02 extractor for r-134a and pushed it past 7bar you’d have fucked up because you would cause an explosion.

No One has provided a single coa backing up your claims Georgie Porgie


Contact of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane with flames or hot surfaces in excess of 250 °C (482 °F) may cause vapor decomposition gases including [hydrogen fluoride]and [carbonyl fluoride]

No one said it’s flammable unless it hits 7 bar in your shitty chinese co2 extractor.

Garbage solvent that should be kept in the perfume industry and banned for good everywhere from the cannabis industry. Garbage equipment form chine that sells used for 500 bucks and still sits. Garbage company with an owner that hates cannabis people and lies like a dirty gypsy. I heard you stuff your employees on commissions and go through more sales people than ikrusher.

I don’t see how it’s anymore sketchy than any liquefied alkane. I’m assuming he’s talking about epoxide formation, but that only happens in the presence of oxygen, so if you’re handling it properly (vac out air, back fill with n2 etc), there should be no real risk, it’s a bigger risk for diethyl ether because you handle it as a liquid on the benchtop with a lot more air exposure.

I have also heard that dimethyl ether doesn’t form epoxides for some reason. Maybe has something to do with the methyl group not being able to stabilize intermediates/transition states.

I would say working in miners is a good idea just in case it does form epoxides. Sometimes it’s good to listen to chemists, but a lot of chemists get gun-shy to stuff they shouldn’t (me included); epoxides are scary especially on bigger scales but its good to test assumptions, especially because the academic types can often lack real world experience that makes you face you fears and minimize risk.

Won t call it garbage but this is where it belongs
As for degradation deu to pressure
Absolutely not treu your frigin fridge
Exhaust side is at over 11 bar and it reused itself over and over

George, you have not sent me results from fresh frozen, nor a COA. You clearly don’t understand what is a COA. Lightlab portable HPLC does not count. It is barely acceptable as in-house analytics, let alone a COA to justify your very controversial(to be polite) system. You need to go to a respected and well equipped licensed lab, maybe even university collaboration, to prove you have no solvents, harmful byproducts, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, etc. You may also want to have all your unknowns classified.