R&D Lab buildout - Wants / Needs

Hi Gang love the info here and wanted to get a thread going on Lab - Below are items that I would like to see in a research & development lab based Cannabis Sativa L. - THC/CBD.

The plan is to make this lab a reality for 2020 with plans to scale up for the future. We will have 40,000 sqft clean/sealed rooms running vertical grow & utilizing biomass for extraction from our AG farmers in the southeast.

Products made

  • Crude
  • Distillate
  • Isolate
  • Terps

MEP Kitchen items

  • Decarb station
  • Bottling/Labeling station
  • Cryo freezer

Polar/Non-Polar Processing Area

  • Cup 15
  • Falling film evap - Pinnacle or Bizzybee

Non-Polar Processing Area

  • BHOGart
  • Vac oven