Question about introducing nutes with ffof soil

Hey all, new grower here, and always thankful for your advice. So my question is as follows. I received my clones on march 8th, and transplanted them into 1 gallon pots with fox farms ocean forest. After a few weeks they filled out great, roots throughout the pot but not root bound, so i then about 2 weeks ago began up-potting into 3 gallon pots, again with fresh fox farms ocean forest. So far the ocean forest has fed the clones and got them looking great with almost no other input. I intend on using earth juice sea blast dry nutrients, and have a 40 lb bag of the grow nutes, but thus far havent felt the need for nutes, and sooner or later they will be getting ready to be flipped in my light dep greenhouse. Recently some of my bigger plants seem like they are seeing deficiencies. They look over all healthy except im getting a lot of lighter green growth now. My issue is, im worried that the roots havent really made their way into the fresh ocean forest from the up-potting, so im scared to feed them with the sea blast, and them getting burned when they hit both the sea blast nutes and the fresh ocean forest. Im wondering if anyone can take a look at some pics and maybe offer any general advice on what to do here. I was thinking maybe at this size, the ocean forest nutes are “negligable” and only meant for smaller clones and i shouldnt worry? I know i can do a slurry/runoff test but as i said i believe there is a lot of ocean forest soil untouched by the roots, so i think a slurry test or measuring run off wouldnt really yield an answer. And for future knowledge, would it have been smarter to up-pot into a more inert soil and begin feeding? The end game for these plants are 15 gallons pot, in a greenhouse. Those will get bulk soil i have laying around, amended with rainbow mix. Thank you for your time

light green color = nitrogen deficiency.

I would suggest to use a light feed, meaning 50% less than what the manufacturer rec. Then lightly feed your plants and see how they react. You can slowly up the PPMs in the feed. Some genetics like heavy feeding and some require less and quickly show burnt tips.

Always go feed light, observe, and increase as needed.

Also I do not like transplant too much and rather Clone to Veg (transplant 1) and straight into final flowering pot (transplant 2). This way your not wasting time transplanting but there are many different methods to reaching the same end goal. Just my 2 cents and wish you the best!


In hindsight I should’ve skipped the first transplant but infrastructure wasn’t in place so I had to consider space. And my thought was to do exactly that, give them a fraction of the suggested feeding and see how it goes. I’m gonna mix up some nutes today and test 2 of the plants