Question about bleaching clays


Ok I’ve searched but haven’t found the exact answer I’m looking for. Hoping to set some help and I sincerely apologize if it’s been addressed and I missed it in the search.

I’m a 100% medical user who has over the last 3 years been able to piece together a short path. I want to use bleaching clays but do not want to spend excessive money.

I’ve read that bentonite clay can be used in the flask. But there was debate about using food safe vs ups vs something else.

I have access to large amounts of natural bentonite clay (sister owns a holistic shop and gets it by the kilo in huge jars she claims it’s the most natural cly you can buy she’s all hippy dippy and honestly I don’t know jack about it best I could do is get the brand it is and post back Berenice if that helps)

If I’m only using this for myself is there any legitimate drawback or health impact to using let’s say “food grade” or whatever she has (provided I can get the brand name)

The VA keeps me on a tight leash medically and the money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, I only got 8 fingers left and sitting in front of this thing learning new stuff from all of you geniuses helps me in more ways than y’all know.

Thanks for any help!


The bentonite your sister has
Is suposed to be good for the job
Suposed ! Bentonite clay s come in all types and forms
Treated untreated activated etc etc
Now to make sure iT has no pathogens
You can place iT in the oven for a few hours at high heat makeing sure iT s sterelized
To know if the bentonite does iT s job in cleaning your concentrate try and error are the only way
To use iT in the boiling flask well iT Will isomerize Some or all knowing iT s ph Will give you an indication


for clays I would stick to well used brands found here.

sure you can save a few bucks from “your sisters” bentonite, but are those few $ worth compromising your product?

your a vet!? sorry about the fingers brother! thanks for your service! what division did you serve with?


not all magic dirt is created equal.

but it’s dirt.

So yeah, you can find some flavors quite cheap.

I haven’t explored the cheap stuff. Preferring to use brands that I know have been prepped explicitly for the tricks we’re using it for (Carbon Chemistry).

If you’re doing this for personal meds, and money is tight, then sterilizing some of that hippie shit and giving it a go isn’t the worst idea in the world. Depends on if you can afford to loose a months meds if you fuck it up…

Where are you located?