Quality Live Rosin & Fresh Frozen

Quality Live Rosin & Fresh Frozen Available
Located in Orange County, Frozen Transportation available
Contact for more details
Tropaya Wet



Papaya x Trop Fresh Frozen,
Ready to Wash,
Up to 5.8% Hash Yield, Up to 4.3% return all the way to Rosin.
Frozen Transport & Samples Available. Metrc compliant.
WhatsApp/Signal/SMS (949)482-7058 https://RosinFF.com/

I can vouch for this material It runs amazing

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Solventless Fresh Frozen Availability Update:
Strain | approx hash yield
Modified Grapes 4.3%
Wakanda 4.4%
Papaya Cake 3.8%
Gush Mints 4.7%

Zlurpee 3.5%
Apple Custard - Exclusive 4.2%
Garlic Pancakes - Exclusive 4.6%
Fatso 5.5%
Strawberry Fields 5.5%
Melted Strawberries 5.2% 150lbs

Watermelon Zkittles 5.8%
GMO 7.3%
Donny Burger 7.2%

Fatso Live Rosin Vape Ready (100% Rosin, nothing added, nothing subtracted)

Iā€™m gonna take that 150 of melted strawberries too

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BHO fresh frozen also available