QPC 2Lbs Loop

Got the closed loop all set up for passive recovery, I don’t know if I’m going to end up using that TR21 to recover. Pulled vac to -20 and haven’t had problems holding. I’ll push nitrogen this week sometime for another test and distill some gas so we can get some runs in this thing done. The guy I got it from was having issues recovering passive, he said it took him 12 hours to recover one 2lbs run so I’m hoping for the best

Get an trash bucket, stuff the bottom. With the metal looking bubble wrap. Put the tank in. Fill the bucket with dry ice to the top, but don’t touch your prva and valve with the ice. Stuff some more of the metal looking bubble wrap around the tank on the top of the ice.

You should get your pressure down under 5psi. You can use a PIAB to vac out the rest of the vapor of needed. I run mine at 2psi with a cmep rebuild and I can do like 1.5+ lbs a minute recovery.

Also also. That solvent tank is way to small. 16lbs of gas is the smallest ratio I would use on 2lbs of dry. (8:1) I prefer 10:1 no soak.

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That tank will hold 24lbs of gas.


Well then… My bad. That thing looks like a 15lb tank.

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It’s a 30lb tank. The collection is big enough as well.

Thank god the collections big enough… Where the fuck is the heater :sweat_smile: that’s probably where the 12 hours comes from.


Even in a bucket of water on a 4# system recovery never takes that long


I just haven’t set it up yet, there is a heater tho lol

How do you plan on heating up the collection with your heater if your collection is not jacketed?

I’m going to use a drum with hot water


I’m not sure what took so long on his recovery