Q/A Session: Pest Remediation. Ask me anything. All Day, today Jan 9th ONLY


Hey all! Ive got quite a bit of experience doing research and design in pesticide remediation of almost all forms.
Have removed nearly all pesticides via various methods, now. Started a little over a year ago with research.
Feel free to ask me some questions.
I get DM’D all the time with questions, some have simple answers which I think should be made public knowledge.
Only avail today, Jan 9th for this! :call_me_hand:t5::v:t5:


Whats your preffered analisys method for detecting pesticides?


When pesticides are broken down via heat and the like, do the degradation products come out with the method to remove the original constituents?


Would magsil remove trace amouts of neem if filtered in line during a hydrocarbon extraction.


Best way to clean equipment in between dirty and clean batches, will 190 proof ethanol remove all pesticides?


It’s been 3 hours, where are our answers?!


Best to use a LC-MS/MS.


So 190 ETOH wont really do it. Nor would steam alone, or combined. For pesticides you need something stronger. Washing/rinsing it in a Sodium Hydroxide solution would likley do it.

Then again, its quits toxic to use. But it does work very well.


Have you tried any vapor scrubbing methods? Or has all of your work been liquid-liquid or liquid-solid?


Don t have Any questions but i love the iniciative great to have You here


This is an interesting question…
So, I think that it would take some varying methods to take out the degredation products. Depending on the type of pesticide you’re dealing with.

The products of the degredation always vary, and
there is typically info available from lots of educational publications. When I get home, in about an hr, I’ll add more to this response to show you a few degredation products from a few pesticides.


Are any of those products of reactivity with either adosrbents or solvents used? As opposed to thermal degradation? I imagine with pH alterations, there would be.


Are you able to remove all pesticides so that a ppb test will be zero ? What are the best solutions for cleaning contaminated equipment.


What kind of dectectors do you run?


Did my question not meet your criteria?


Hydrocarbon, as in volatile? Or ethanol?? Specify.

Either way. I have limited experience removing neem residue.


Vapor scrubbing? What do you mean?


Butane or similar. The group I extract for sprays with “nukem” and sometimes I can tell when they sprayed too late. I was wondering if I were to be filtering through magsil for color remediation, if it would passively be giving me some pesticide remediation, as well.