Putting hte in a syringe for weighing sauce

I need to jar out sauce.
Ive done it the “traditional” way but want to increase efficiency.
So im thinking have all jars with diamonds pre weighed and come in after with a syringe of the hte and finish the weight to desired weight.
So i guess my question is will hte easily suck into a syringe without heat?
Is there a better way to do this?


It worked lol


Yeah a big gauge glass syringe w SS plunger is best. If using anything else make contact time a minimum. Usually sauce will flow up nice if crashed right

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Good advice. Probably will get one for next time

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Think @qma sells them :green_heart::facepunch:


Check out teachon. They’re empty syringe barrels that you can push with air pedals or hand crank guns. I used these a long time ago for mass production of carts on assembly lines. Fill syringes, hand them off to fillers. Cap the bottom and fill the back, then push the small amount of air out of the top. They can be warmed up using a standard cvs heating pad to increase flow rate.

I used to get the 60cc tubes, the white backing plunger, the black luer caps, and use a hand crank gun. I’ve used the pedals before too.