Pushing etoh with diaphragm?

So one of the biggest things for me is using etoh with a column for filtering and lately I’m thinking of cutting the middle man with stirring cannabis in a stainless pot and just extracting the cannabis with ethanol in my dewaxing column(s). Before I go all out on a nitrogen push setup would I be able to use positive air pressure from a diagram pump to push the ethanol into my system, rather than nitrogen?

What psi is ideal for pushing?

No! Absolutely not! You don’t want to pressurize any flammable solvent with air or any gas mixture containing oxygen or oxides. You’d be creating a ticking time bomb.


Correct. I’d have to second what @GreenMachine_Consult stated.

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To answer your question about PSI it depends on the flow rate you’re trying to achieve, diameter of your hoses, and a few other factors. I generally push at 20 psi, then when I want the nitrogen to push the solvent out of the material I’ll push it up to 80/90 psi and close the valves to the material column and the nitrogen will force the majority of the solvent down to the bottom of the column. Drain it into the next vessel and repeat one more time and you’ll get about 75 percent of the solvent out of the material.


Thank you all.