Purpose of "cool down" period after SPD?

I see, in the GLG SOP, and around here that people advice a 30min to 45 minute cool down period before you take your flasks off of the short path after a run. What is the purpose of this? Is it just so that the contents of your collection flasks can be less hot before exposing them to atmosphere?

Oxidation = heat, oxygen exposure and time.
I let mine cool overnight, blow nitrogen in as soon as its taken off and cap asap

And then you heat it to get it out so whats the point

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heat + nitrogen = not so much oxidation
Heat + oxygen = oxidation

Ya but you have to get the disty out of your flask the next day when its solid. Ie you have to re heat it

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yes but its getting hot with nitrogen, not air…

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You heat your flask attached to your system?

i take the flask off when its cool, flush the inside with nitrogen, cap then heat it with the cap on.
If its not water clear it doesnt matter as much.
Then transfer to a glovebox (flushed with argon) with ur homogenizer and terp flavors and carts all ready to go.
Fill carts in that and u should have water clear stay water clear. (My current theory. Havent tried it yet, still getting my glovebox made)


Ive never had an issue with oxidation even with clear.
Not for a while atleast


how clear?


Water clear in carts.
As clear as your clear sections.
This was sitting out for months before it red ringed


Damn. Is it possible to get d9 distillate that clear without chromatography?

Doubt it

Letting air in there when it’s at temp can be more excitement than you really need…

see: SPD explosion


At end of distillation you are at extreme temperature and high vacuum. The system has plenty of energy to start combustion of one or more substances, but it also lacks the required oxygen.

If you like fires, you could provide said oxygen right away…but typically we just let our dude cool down first.


This makes more sense them oxidation

I’d love to see a gear pump on a wiper spitting out a flamethrower of terps. Like an exotic incense…


Well, combustion IS oxidation!:wink: I believe what you mean is that protecting from combustion makes more sense than protecting your product from oxidative degradation, as far as the reason for cool-down



Well that’s all the convincing I needed to be more patient. Thank you!

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