Purging RSO

I was wondering what the best way to purge RSO of residuals. I’ve mainly been following the Skunk Pharms tutorial on purging ethanol extract. I could use a vacuum oven + decarb, but that would definitely take more time. Would it be worth it? Is there a better way?

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Rick himself suggests you add several ml of water into the rice cooker that you are evaporating your lighter fluid in. His reasoning is water boils at a higher temp than naphtha, thus allowing the naphtha to evaporate. He also states that the “cancer fighting goodness” from weed will " offset any damage caused by smoking naptha"… personally I don’t trust like that… I don't trust like that! - YouTube


Is it just me, or does RSO suck everywhere you go, esp after having that clear or some good live,…

I got to remember though, not everyone experienced tokers


Any extraction will a less than ideal solvent evaporated crudely will be poor compared to anything properly made.


use 190 proof everclear then if you ingest any solvent it doesn’t matter because it is drinkable

never use naptha, 99%iso can be used but why when you can use everclear


I mostly see RSO in medical where people typically are orally injesting the oil. Not all extractions are used for taste or getting high either. I was just trying to open up a conversation about the best processes for providing clean meds to people, while also having the best looking product on the shelf for that category.


RSO is great for lower cost oral meds without all the losses from refinement. It seems to really put me to sleep better than other extracts.

Just use the cleanest high proof alcohol you can afford and cook and stir it until you cant taste the alcohol, preferably with vacuum, but not completely necessary. Trace ethanol is pretty damn safe.

Hot/stir plate works, but I prefer a thin layer on a pan in an oven.


The method we came up with for decarbing and purging residual Ethanol after winterization with the CAT MCS78 Programmable Hotplate Stirrer is better than an oven because our device precisely and uniformly heats the solution to the set-points with zero overshoot or undershoot. If you’re just decarbing the MCS78 hotplate stirrer is the device of choice as well.


In my mind “RSO” simply means “poorly evaporated crude dissolved in ultra-cheap solvents as convenience”.

How is it any different than your standard bunk BHO crude that a lot of distillate is made from? Full spectrum due to using the entire plant or something? Or solvent?

I still see it for sale and people posting using it on IG. I’m clearly missing something here…

that is interesting that there is still residual even after decarbing

lots of stupidity surrounded with the product.

the main one being that home depot naptha and a rice cooker produces medicine

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To me this is 15-20+ year old extraction tek that never got fixed. How is this bullshit still sold in the legal market?


Naptha in a bucket is dumb, but the idea of cheap homemade edible oil made from plants in the back yard and everclear or moonshine is not dumb at all. It is medicine for self reliant people who dont want to bother with refinement or compressed gasses.


Dispensary RSO is overpriced, but it does have its place

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Is dispensary RSO also contaminated with high residuals of solvents? What advantage does it have over refined solvent-free distillate? From what I could gather and recall, the stuff wasn’t cheap.

It should pass testing for residual solvents, but its usually made from clean ethanol now anyway. I believe there is some entourage effect from RSO even if the lightest terpenes are cooked off.

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Oh yeah, and it shouldnt be made from old garbage trim

I have a couple of ways that I have purged my RSO extracts. First I was collecting the oil solvent mix from the roto-cap into small wide mouth jelly jars and placed them on a sand filled skillet set to 140 F. When I changed to consolidating extraction batches into a 1/2 gallon mason jar I put that in our BCC stainless steel cold trap, minus the dry ice container, and put that on the sand heater and applied vacuum. Last has been transferring into a Pyrex baking dish for the best surface area exposure and decreased depth of oil in the vacuum over.

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Why not?

Eat a whole gram of rso and tell me the same. It’s mainly 80%+ delta-9 thc and that converts into 11-Hydroxy-THC thru the liver. I eat one gram of rso every month.