Purging Methods for live resins

Hello everyone!
Im a new member and poster to the site, super stoked to contribute… I was wondering what are some of the best ways to ensure low-N\D Residual Solvents, Mainly Hydrocarbons nButane and Propane? I know to keep everything as cold as possible to with hold the fats of the trichs during blasting (though im working with unsleeved coloumns, passive, and no chillers), And the separation, drain, then purge afterwards; though was just wondering if there are other ways for mainly Live resins. I already have a N\D process Validation for cured material… shatter, crumble, cured sauce, butter, wax… but it seems when I purge the Live resin sauce the first test usually has some in it.

*** I do pour, and have a pyrex tek. though when diamonds are made, I tend to use the volume to make bigger diamonds. ***

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