Purge Labs maceration process?

Anyone have experience with PurgeLabs cls equipment. Particularly there maceration process with the rotating material capsule? Good for just crude? Applicable for shatter or high quality extracts. You can check out there equipment and process on their Instagram if you don’t know what I am asking. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Any fammunity members wanna help a fellow enthusiast out with some knowledge?? No ones had experience with these??

I’ve always thought that was a bit of a gimmick, myself.

Me too. I do t see how no one knows anything about them, but there at a lot of trade shows and C1D1 labs promotes them??

I’ve run their Saturn 60L system a couple times. It was okay, nothing super special compared to other good brands on the market IMO.

I actually thought the way they rigged up the shatter platter at the bottom of their collection vessel to be a little bit awkward and not very ergonomically pleasing to use.

We didn’t have those tumbler tubes though, we had a rack with standard 4x48 columns on it.

Thank you for the feedback

Anyone used the new setup with the maceration process tho???