Purge Labs Closed Loop Expereince.

Looking at purchasing an “Atlas” closed loop system made by Purge Labs. They use a different style setup than the traditional closed loop machines. I want to achieve high quality shatters with this CLS. My question is, is this machine adequate for that? Does anyone have any experience with this machine for this application? Any info would help please and thank you.

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That is the one with the drum that rotates right?
never used one, but i imaging it is capable of producing a good product. These are the qualities that make good oil in my book

  1. albility to chill solvent/plant material while running.

2)filtration, good filtration is a must

3)low temp removal of solvent

  1. molecular seive filter dryer to keep solvent dry

5)compoments that won’t contaminate or leach into the product.

6)good quality imput material.

I imagine the maceration type extractors are good for live resin?


I’m trying to figure out what negatives exist when using this machine to make the different mediums of shatter, pull n snap, etc.

If the solvent enters at proper cold temperatures, the material column is prechilled and the material is cryo frozen, than what issues will I have with a larger column full of material ( holds approx. 25 lbs. of material)

I went for a visit and the guys who run PurgeLabs stand behind there product 100% when I asked these same questions. But we all know a lot of these extract companies want our money and aren’t as experienced as they should be ( minus a few cls manufacturers, and we all know who they are :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Any other input from anyone?

when you say low temp what range are we talking? under 100f?

ive delt with purge labs, ive ran the machine you speak of… they work, to achieve what you want you are going to be doing very cold very low soak times, and a good filter set before it goes into your collection.

purge will never admit it but their machines are better suited for crude processing or a product that will need further processing other than just oven time i.e. winterization, hexane wash, etc.

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Aren’t those the ones with the angled sight glass in the collection?

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Sub zero use to make great cls. Im sure that they have only gotten better.

Im sure indofab could build one to suit your needs also.

Im relatively certain you could achieve high quality products any equipment with the things @Soxhlet mentioned


yeah the one eyed monster lol its ugly

Those things are clown shoes

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honestly you could not have worded that better. the owner is also clown shoes. likes to boast that he is an engineer :tired_face:

I would hope he’d have a better design than that.

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Yeah, I could piece one together for 1/5 the price with more capability. I will admit though, the macerating material vessel IS kind of a cool idea.

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The animated demo of the operation is hilarious


a great idea

Care to elaborate there bud?

my bad, i was referring to the maceration tek

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i had one of these atlas columns before, but i linked to the BFE base from bhogart for some crude production. pretty much same output as the 3 columns provided with the bfe, but half the labor. columns suck

Only problem is getting tour gas back if jrs nor jacketed or tou dont do a got vapor push tou loose alot if solvent oer run. And if tou rotate tou have to vac down the line before tou dump unless tou have a kong line hooked up. My friend run 3 jacketed ones just for crude and i dont see them being worth more than rhat for the price tou could grt a better machine turn key and not loose a ron if solvent every run

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