Pulling a vac , stainless steel thickness

What are the requirements to pull a vacuum on a ss vessel ? We always pressure test but is there a need for a vac test?

I was looking at some brewing tanks to move stuff around in and they said it would buckle under vac…

Are they made of beer cans?
All im sayin is if food saver can use a plastic tub and get vacuumed without breaking, or a mason jar pretty much any ss vessel should handle vacuum


Idk I’ve called 2 vendors and talked to 2 different bhogart quality employees

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Brewery supplier told me need a minimum of 6mm wall thickness to pull a vacuum but I’d like to hear some others chime in

I used to do a 24 hour vacuum test before every butane run.

Right that’s a leak test I’m talking more for implosion

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I dont think our tank is 6mm amd i pulled vac on it before i filled it.

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How big is the tank in question?
Standard is 5mm i think for what we use

Engineeringtoolbox.com has some nice resources for this. Currently I’m only seeing the page for external pressure on a thick-walled cylinder, though most of our vessels are considered thin-walled I believe (ratio of wall thickness to diameter of cylinder)…

I edited an entire textbook titled “Mechanics of Solids” that I can dig through and pull the equation from. Though it should be easy to find elsewhere (I’ll do some more searching online). It’s a differential equation for stress containing factors of wall thickness, diameter of cylinder, modulus of elasticity, etc.

In the case of a perfect vacuum, the external pressure is 1 atmosphere greater than the internal pressure.

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I need a 250-500 gallon tank with a manway on it that can handle slight vac and 15 psi.

Is there a way I can use a type of relief valve to keep vac at a safe level

Vacuum regulator? Those exist.


Right I have one on my pump but what about tank. I understand there is no way to get more vac spontaneously without pump but just wondering

Temperature can create vac
Piss in a plastic bottle cap it check it it after 1 hour :grin: @Apothecary36


I found this awhile back while doing some perusing:

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
A Design Chart for Long Vacuum Pipes and Shells