PSA: If you need anything (packaging/equipment/etc) from China before May... Order soon

Just a heads up to anyone in the supply side of the industry or planning a new build or addition for next year: Chinese New Year starts next month, and runs through the end of February. If you are ordering a custom greenhouse for next summer, or packaging for a new launch, now is the time to start making moves.

I tell my clients a good rule of thumb is: CNY generally adds 2 months lead time to orders that overlap it. The holiday itself is 4-7 weeks depending on the factory, and the delays stemming from the overload of pending orders, staff shortages, and shipping backups only add to the chaos.

To ensure your goods ship out before CNY, you’ll want to confirm them within the next week or two, and make sure your provider queues you to deliver on time.

However, manufacturers’ production schedules are already filling up, and won’t be able to start production until March anyway. In this case, with most items taking 30-45 days to produce, and sea shipping taking an equal amount of time, you’ll be looking at delivery at some point in May for many items ordered over the next month.

Just want to make sure everyone got as anxious as I did when I laid out the calendar :slight_smile: Good luck!


Thank you so much for the reminder.

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You got it!