Proved Cotton free all glass cartridges from QBD / new product launched

Why not make the bottom threads reversed so that you can’t accidentally remove the bottom when unscrewing the tank.

You’d have to twist them on counterclockwise instead.

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but what about if you’re screwing it on and you need to go counter clockwise

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My plan is foiled.


Hence why I use protected batteries. Already lost my qbd cart and the tip of my gCell plus to a gymshort/penbattery drop when seating


yo the gt800 is probably my favorite batter for concealment and variable voltage, goes from 1v to 5v in increments of .1

I got it from but they deff dont manufacture since there’s a lot on alibaba.

trying to find the og og source (or at least the most official)


Received some 1.0 samples and have to say, was a bit worried about the silicone piece when I first saw it.

After filling some with a CBD distillate/ canna terp blend I think that I found my new fav glass cart.

Very easy to fill, good hit and very good taste.

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glad you like it,sir

Yes, never put your terps, or any extract for that matter, in contact with silicone unless it’s going in the trash directly afterwords


The fact is that almost all cartridges (including ccell cartridges)on the market will use silicone as sealing,silicone in the mouthpiece,silicone in the bottom.

Everyone else does it!


And that makes it safe and acceptable? Absolutely not. If you are trying to make something healthy then this is not it


what cartridges do u recommend without this issue @Krative

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Switch to viton, and ill buy them. Until then, the silicone turns me off aswell, especially a colored one.
Especially the colored ones.


BBtank glass is the lighter colored of the two. Same thing except for the cotton. Silicone touching the oil is less the issue than it is being next to the atomizer. Most carts use silicone gaskets.

Now, these gcell+, I’m excited to try out.


Unfortunately I don’t know of any, that’s why I refrain from using carts and don’t push them hard


I agree with you sir, we are always trying to design healthier cartridges,glass is recognised as the most healthy material ,that’s why we designed this all glass cartridges .

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Except it’s not all glass, and we’re specifically complaining about one not glass piece… the silicone piece. I think someone already brought up a viable solution, viton, or you could even go buna-n.


So I am almost done with this vape and it preformed amazingly with thca sugar. Towards the end the burnt silicone taste was too much. The taste started off amazingly, but the noseburn was intense:

I think the issue is the coil directly touching ANY surface that can degrade with high temps. Once we find a good ballance on gCell plus, I wont be ordering any more gCell or anything else of the sort. Why risk it?


appreciate so much for your feedback,we will look into how we can improve

Thanks in ton


I just got the sample you sent, any advice for using it with thc-a? I’d prefer not to have to buy distillate but I’d like to try them out