Profit Reality of Extracts?

$2000 per Kilo was the good old days.

Here is my math on the subject:

Top Shelf Flower : $1,000/lb
Extract with average yield of 20%, 90g $20-40/g = $2,700
Extract and Distill with 75g yield $60/g = $4,500

You can parlay the same unit into varying products and monetize it differently.


Yea idk… The thread says profit reality, not hopes and aspirations . Lowballers everywhere. People want to pay 10/g wholesale unless youre a brand with hype. Ive gotten 60 for a nug run once in my life haha. Tardis… That was a good run of fresh cured whole plant material made into bho. And i think i payed 1100 for the p untrimmed back in the good ol days.

The most recent a-hole i came across wanted to pay 2700 for a unit of shatter. It had to be yellow shatter.

Anybody interested in starting a extractors union? Idk how to go about it but this is rediculous. I refuse to work for less than im worth. And alot of times it just dont cost that cheap.

Edit: I have been on hiatus, parlaying my oil into products because of the way that math breaks down.


People always ask me why i really only make trim run extracts…I always get the questions “is that nug run?” or “can you make nug run?”

The real time i only get to run nugs is where someone fucked up a grow along the lines. Most are premature plants that yield in the 15-20%. This is the only time i can produce nug run extracts that could be profitable. Most of the time i just trying to buy fresh ass trim from organic growers i know…I do run fully mature nug run stuff for headstash all the time…just cause i can…but sometimes i think of the costs that gone into making those concentrates and feel like i could have just bought the extract for that price in the end. At least i know what im smoking and what went into it.

Most of the organic trim im buying yields in the 10-12% range and have a wonderful taste and profile…This can be had to where there is still meat on the bone for profits if desired.


Bulk distillate is selling for $8-12/gram in Colorado and there is still a huge over-supply of it on the market currently. Distillate carts are uber cheap here too. The big names always claim to have something special but of course the only thing they have that’s special is market share and that’s shrinking as lower cost competitors eat away at that slowly.


$10 for a .5 gram plastic wick cart here in cali, hard to beat that price when the bottom of the market is gone. …I’m not saying it’s a good thing… it’s just how things are. :pensive:

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Yep about the same here.

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I’ve got a buddy buying bulk carts in cali for about 6 to 7 bucks a cart .5 ccell. I’m seeing 13-15 a cart in the northeast and these are typically half oil and half pg/veg. Obviously that’s a decent profit margin when you double your oil volume for carts.

Alright lets assume sidco cat’s math is accurate in regards to cost but not wholesale value.

At $7 a half ml (g) thats $14 a ml (g)

Cartridges cost $1 each minimum so thats $2/ml

$12* 75=$900 (sidcocats estimated distillate return on a $1000/lb top shelf lb. Theyre1400-1700 here in cali…)

Sick i just lost $100 and payed for dry ice, workers, electricity, and my time


You got that nail right on the head! In the market of hotdogs it pays to offer a gourmet sausage!



We are getting anything destined for extraction for 10% return on yielded Distillate in S. Oregon right now.

So 150lbs, which takes an hour to extract with our setup, and roughly 2 hours to recover solvent and distill the equivalent, which costs $75/hr with all labor and electrical inputs ($225)

Extraction and Distillation yields roughly 2-3%, let’s call it 4lbs (1816g), of Distillate.

10% to the sorry farmer who thought growing in Oregon was a good idea leaves us with 1635g x going market rate of $4/g wholesale = $6540 revenue - $225 costs =

$6315 profit on 3 hours of work with 150lbs of starting material.

Edit: Responding while high is most likely going to include ommisions. Missed a bunch of costs. But the idea is the same, I’ve never not been able to profit handsomely from distillate.


What method of extraction do you use to fly through that much work in an hour? So youre saying you go from raw plant to distillate in an hour?


Yeah, you gotta account for the distillation time as well. Price changes there, especially with pest remediation, multiple passes, and polar nonpolar scrubbing. Plus if you want to make product with that raw ingredient you need other ingredients/products/labels/containers/testing. This adds up pretty quickly and eats at bottom line cost.


Basically if you’re not very efficient at large, volumes with wholesale prices, you ain’t making shet on nug runs.

Not to mention, most engineering costing is based on determining how long it takes to pay off equipment. So if you end up making shit margins after overhead, your ROI is years and years away.

Stick with trim if you’re small scale.


20 a gram wholesale who are you selling to??? 60 a gram for distillate more like 5 a gram


was Tardis the strain you ran? If so, how did you like it? I have some a few weeks old in the garden now, but haven’t seem very many people growing it out.

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I think a lot of this depends on what final product you’re making and what your market is. If You make sauce it moves it’s the hype right now but shatter there’s like no profit margin. Doesn’t matter live or cured there’s still plenty of profit in both if you start with good material.

I imagine wholesale prices will fall to what future said. I’ve seen some lower grade hemp flower for 20 a #. And the only reason it was low grade because of how it was treated after harvest


What could possibly be done , after, harvest that would ruin it so bad?

Sure it isn’t just no trichs…

I’m just curious, I’ve been pretty rough with some stuff, still as always fire, thanks for info buddy

In my experience I see people grow beautiful, terpy, juicy flowers. Only to overstuff the drying rooms, improper ventilation, using greenhouse heaters etc…

Basically to flash dry product, volatilizing a majority of the terpenes. Drying crisp to the bone and storing toting up in unwashed costco bins. Which I haven’t researched but I’m pretty sure not food safe.

I understand when croptober hits and the volume being produced the dry rooms need cleared as quickly as possible to make more room, prevent mold etc. Derelict harvest and curing methods are one of the major factors in the explosion of mids on the Cali, Oregon open markets.

Last year was my first year seeing hemp farms, I’m assuming similar practice. Huge fields, inadequate drying and curing space and practices.

Chop it, crisp it, distill and make crystalline is the name of the game anyways so I get why people don’t invest the capital in properly climate controlled environments for curing.

Thats my two cents anyways, guess I’m a bit bitter because I’m in the heart of the rogue valley and see a lot of beautiful flowers mistreated lol.