Production of Dab Cartridges.

(Sorry for this kind of thread again…) So I was looking into the production of those dab cartridges you find in recreational markets. I am somewhat confused on the specifics of the production of those.
In the past, I’ve mixed some shatter with Wax Liquidizer (imo bad product) under double boiler heat for a few minutes, however everytime I’ve noticed black residue leaking from cartridge intake holes. I’ve heard this is from lipids and waxes in the shatter.
I know of winterization, however every method of removing residual ethanol seems expensive/time consuming? Would it be possible to mix shatter + MCT (C-8) + terpenes and produce a cartridge (510 thread) that is free of the burning problem? Would using a magnetic mixer or homogenizer stabilize the mixture enough to prevent unfavorable perfomance? Sorry for the laundry list of questions, I have scoured so many articles for answers so if anyone can clear this up, I’d be very thankful! (If winterization is the only decent way, does anyone know whats the easiest method of evaporation of ethanol?)

I’m trying to avoid distillate if possible for economic reasons.

I think distillate is your best bet idk i personally am not trying to smoke mct


How many threads have you read here?

These should get you started Search results for 'Diluent' - Future4200

How much ethanol you planning on using?

A $5 rice cooker from St vinnies will make 1/2 gal vanish in no time flat